Monday, April 19, 2010

50,000,000°C Over Your City???

Why is FEMA trying to cover up National Level Exercise 2010?

It's coming -- the nuclear terror attack that Soetoro and Biden and Clinton and their minions in the controlled state media have been hyping for months. They'll probably try to blame it on Al-C.I.A.da, but I'm wondering if they won't just skip that story, since people know that's all fabricated, put the pedal right down to the floor and blame the Tear Parties, or the KKK or the Oathkeepers, Minutemen, or similar patriotic groups. That would give them an instant mandate in the media and with the sheople to fully institute their draconian martial law command-and-control state.

NLE '10 was going to happen in May, though they may now push it back to keep the story from leaking into the media, but one small town and one county in Nevada accidentally posted a copy of the plan for this National Exercise on their government web sites. Almost immediately, they were pressure to remove the documents, which were supposed to be secret and only sent to inform state and local law enforcement of the drills. You might ask why you should care about NLE 2010 at all. The reason is that every major terror attack has taken place on the exact same day, at the same time, in the same place as drills announced by the government to the local agencies in the target cities, and invariably the drills announced involve exactly the same type of threat and the exact targets and times of attack that the government then actually carries out. They did this in Oklahoma City, they did it on 9/11, which is why NORAD did not go ballistic when Dick Cheney ordered them not to launch interceptors. They did it in England with the subway bombings several years back.

But lest you think I'm being overly afraid, here's what the NLE '09 secret, official government documents leaked to Alex Jones, along with the now-infamous MIAC report from the Homeland Insecurity Department laid out -- local law enforcement should beware of conservatives, truthers, birthers, Christians, gun owners, retired military and police, listeners of "conservative" media like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity Ingraham, Levin and all the rest. But especially watch out for people who listen to Alex Jones, Savage, Coast-to-Coast A.M., Steve Quayle and others who are awake and spreading the actual truth to dispel the lies of the globalists' Newtruth. They said that the drills would simulate attacks on military installations, government offices, the offices of government officials, banks, etc. Further "Al-Qaeda" attacks on airports and jets. So what did you see in these last few months? The Crotch bomber on Christmas, Joe Stack supposedly flying the plane into the ECHELON I.R.S. building in Austin, where Alex Jones is headquartered, the wonderful Major Nidal Hassan kills 14 at Ft. Hood, not 13 as you've been lied to -- one of the women shot was pregnant with a child old enough to live if it were excised in an emergency C-section and not shot through by the bullets from the guns of the verminous radical Muslim scum filth. He probably wasn't actively working for the NWO folk, but they certainly knew for 2 full years what he was planning and helped him along every step of the way. And then the false-flag shooting at the Pentagon, and the guy letting shots fly at the White House's back yard, and the supposed attacks by Tea Party members on the poor, downtrodden Congressmen's and -women's offices.

Do you see the pattern? It's easy to follow because they always tell you exactly what they are planning. The only thing that they only sometimes make public is the timetable for specific events. So I don't know when they will nuke one of our cities, and they were smart enough not to say exactly which target they will nuke later this year or early next. But the documents target FEMA Regions VIII and IX. VIII "serves" CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, andWY. Region IX "serves" AZ, CA, GUAM, HI, NV, and American Samoa. I'm kind of guessing that Guam and Samoa are not attractive targets. The other area to be targeted for these drills and possible red skies at night is The D.C. area and it's suburbs in Virginia and Maryland.

If you live or have friends or family in any of these areas, or have travel plans to go to them, perhaps you should inform yourself about NLE 2010 and the nuclear terror threat being hyped in every single media outlet daily. A deuterium-tritium fusion bomb reaches a temperature of no less than the 50,000,000 required for a chain reaction to be sustained. A tritium-tritium bomb requires at least 400,000,000°C and can reach much hotter temperatures.

Think about what you would think about in the half a second between seeing the flash and being atomized.

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