Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sic Semper Tyrannists

The NWO are very clever in the way in which they present information through their lapdogs in the state media. Fox News and all the "conservative" hosts, and I imagine even the liberal media are all praising the bold decision of the SEC to pursue action against Goldman-Sachs, the heart of the worldwide bankster octopus. But what they haven't figured out is that the octopus itself probably instigated this investigation and the media praise of it -- they're squirting they're vile ink in our face to blind us to the real deal.

You see, what is not being given much play in the media is that Goldmine-Sac is only being pursued by the SEC in civil court -- there are no plans for criminal charges. That means they will receive a fine if found guilty, but that won't matter because, according to figures they just released for 2009, the company made $13.8 billion in profits. That's profit, not gross, and that's only what's admitted publicly. The real figure could be much higher.

So why would they initiate action against themselves? Inoculation -- by going through a civil court proceeding, they will have the opportunity to enter into the official court record the documents and testimony outlining their exact criminal activities of the last 2 1/2 years, then they will move, and the judge will order, all the evidence to be sealed in perpetual secrecy. That way, if the Republicans take back both houses of Congress in November and try to investigate Goldmine, they will not have access to that which is already on record in federal court.

Goldman will pay a fine in the range of tens of million of dollars, but that's a drop in their poison well. Definitely worth it, pennies on the dollar for the banksters to perform a CYA maneuver. Well played, banksters, well played. But you are only a few years away from arrest, imprisonment, trial for all your crimes, but most of all for treason again the United States of America and its people. And then you will be executed. And then I will laugh and buy a round of drinks for everyone at the restaurant.

And then we will be on the rocky path at last to taking our country back from you verminous slime molds.

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