Monday, August 23, 2010

Beaten to the Punch

NOTE: The text in this video is difficult to read in the narrow column width I am restricted to on this site. The full-sized version can be seen by mousing over and clicking on the Youtube logo in the lower right corner of the video.

I was recently made aware by another Youtube user, Mr. Brian Rich, that he had a video out on the site explaining the theory of BP's twin wells a couple of days before I posted the first pictures of what I thought was Well B. In other words, I was not the first to discover the deception. Since then, others have begun to pick up the story from his video, hopefully from my blog, and from their own independent research. Mr. Rich's video is very well produced, succinct, and can explain to people who haven't been following the Gulf oil disaster and "cleanup" efforts (i.e. coverup) BP's deception in under five minutes. It's a self-contained and easy to understand way to penetrate the lies that we are being fed by BP and the Soetorobama administration. Send the link to all your friends:

A Tale of Two Wells

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