Friday, August 27, 2010

Fire in the Twilight

Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman Friday morning said she is confident of timely, clean elections in November, even after a fire that destroyed the county's entire inventory of 10,000 electronic voting machines. . .

The three-alarm blaze started about 4:15 a.m. at the football field-size warehouse the county uses to store its election equipment. Firefighters extinguished the flames about four hours later.

Arson is a serious crime and I do not condone it, but the fire which destroyed all of Houston's electronic voting machines was indeed the act of criminals, I would lean towards the lighter side of the punishment spectrum for the perpetrators. These machines have been proven to be easy to tamper with -- go and watch the HBO documentary Hacking Democracy for the nasty truth about these devices. Electronic voting machines can be hacked into using simple techniques, and that is not by accident, rather by design.

George W. Bush, whom I stupidly voted for both times he ran for the presidency, was likely given that office due to direct voting fraud. But he didn't have to employ the same physical voting fraud tactics that politicians have used since written history began. Instead, a few operatives in undisclosed typed a few commands on their keyboards and instantaneously, ruthlessly, the vote of the American people was nullified. And the same intelligence agents, working for the globalist elite, were standing in November of 2008, should early returns show that "Barack Obama" was either losing to John McShame or if the phony conservative were running too close to their hand-picked minion for comfort.

Until all electronic voting machines are thrown onto the scrap heap and voters once again can trust our elections, we can never be certain that the people being elected were actually elected. The globalists can simply tap on their keyboards and change the votes any which way they like. Until we get a system of vote counting back where there is a traceable paper trail, we cannot trust the government. Even after such a time we must never trust the government, but at least we should be able to trust our election process.

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