Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Passing Gas

Uh oh, it looks like BP have an embarrassing new problem on their hands. That's methane gas leaking out from the top of their cap on one of the wells. Which well we're seeing I cannot determine since the company is purposely degrading their high-definition video feeds they get via fiberoptic cable from the ROVs. But this video is yet another proof that BP lies when they say no oil or gas are leaking from the one well they admit to having built. Then there's this video I captured from their web feeds page a couple of nights ago:

That is methane hydrate leaking out of a small pipe which evidently broke loose from its fitting. And then you go to Youtube and find hundreds or thousands of videos clips of gas and oil leaking into the ocean straight up through the seabed. I am of the firm belief that eventually most if not all of the petroleum in that giant reservoir will leak into the Gulf of Mexico. Whether it continues to be small emissions from the sea floor, whether one or both wells receive another kick from down below that blows them wide open again, or if the nightmare scenario - that in which the sea floor shatters entirely and releases everything all at once - we are looking at an ongoing environmental catastrophe of a scale unknown to modern man.

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