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RED-HANDED ALERT: BP Caught Doctoring Live Feed

I deserve absolutely no credit for finding this video -- Fintan Dunne updated his own excellent article, BP's Immaculate Deception with this new video. Please take the time to go and read his work, it's quite well done, better than mine since he is a professional, but confirming everything that I and Brian Rich and others have independently corroborated: BP built two wells and are and have been engaged in a massive conspiracy to cover up that fact.

Let's go to the video. If you have time to watch all seven minutes of the footage captured, it is by far the clearest view of Well B and the highest quality video I have seen of the well which, as we all know, does not exist. But the fascinating part is right at the end -- seek to the 6'40" mark and watch the last 20 seconds if you're in a hurry. Watch the coordinates change, instantaneously and spontaneously, from those indicating the ROV's presence at site B to that at site A. I believe the person that captured this video, without realizing it, accidentally may have posted on Youtube the last time that Well B's coordinates were seen on camera before BP permanently flipped a virtual switch to have the on-screen readouts display Well A coordinates, no matter which site the subs were actually surveying:

Now, let me explain a couple of things. First, the ROV is viewing the well at some distance because of the buffeting caused by the still leaking equipment. The Lamber X-Y coordinates are measured in feet. The exact center of the well pipe is the coordinate entered into BP's Initial Exploration Plan for site MC252. According to that document, to recap for newer readers, the center of Well B is located at X=1202514.00:

The ROV is moving around to view Well B at various points, so the coordinates change, but a typical screenshot in the first half of the video reveals this, that the camera is at X=1202535.19, consistent with the ROV being approximately 20 feet away fro the center of the well with its camera's zoom lens at a moderate setting. This in and of itself is incredible because once again we have caught on camera the well that does not exist:

But wait, there's more! Watch, as Fintan Dunne points out, for two points in the video where something extraordinary occurs: the coordinates change spontaneously, or rather, are altered, you decide. The first time appears at approximately 4'11" seconds into the video. The result? Staying nearly motionless, the ROV's X-coordinate now reads 1201492.72, or well over a thousand feet from where it was just seconds before. This is obviously not a natural change in reading from the ROV's onboard navigational system, which links up and cooperates with the enhanced Differential GPS system on Skandi Neptune to very accurately determine its position:

The ROVs' navigational system are indeed extremely accurate -- you can watch in this and other, less remarkable videos as the coordinates on screen (which again are denominated in feet) change as the operators move their robot subs around. The numbers match what you would expect to see changing as the cameras move a few feet up, down or sideways. And yes, there have been instances caught on video where the coordinates seem to jump around a bit, I believe caused by buffeting from the oil geyser and and the acoustic energy it gave off affecting the internal component of the ROV+mothership navigational system -- the ROV's themselves use an acoustic navigation system which talks to Neptune's DGPS. That is an aside, but written to fend off the inevitable doubters who will say that they've seen the numbers jump before.

They haven't seen anything like this and neither have I. But once again, wait -- we have more! At the very end of the video, for the last few seconds, the X-coordinate again jumps briefly to 1202622 for a few second before again switching and coming to rest at X=1202757.54, or almost 1300 feet from where the screen tells us the ROV just was, after its initial apparent teleportation. And all of this while the ROV is calmly moving up and around to view the equipment stack on top of the well which does not exist:

And do you remember what that approximate location is? The site of Well A, X=1202803.88:

Again you have the ROV sitting a moderate distance away from the well and using it's zoom function to stay out of the buffeting zone and provide a steady picture. But do you realize what this curious but seemingly harmless jumping around of the coordinates means while the ROV itself stays in the same area? I believe it is, as Mr. Dunne put it, the smoking gun, the evidence that can nail BP for good on their deception, their lies and their defrauding of the American people.

What you see here is probable evidence of real-time tampering with the ROV's on-screen displays. You can see for yourself that they had the Skandi submersible down there, monitoring Well B, which Sheila Williams of BP corporate in the U.K. told me directly they never built. Again, for any readers new to the story I will quote what she wrote me:

BP ‘s [sic] exploration plans for Mississippi Canyon, Block 252, references two possible well locations -- well location "A" and well location "B." But BP eventually sought and received approval to drill only one well -- a well at the "A" location referenced in the exploration plan. This one well is now known as the MC252 (or Macondo) exploratory well. The Transocean Marianas rig started drilling the MC252 exploratory well in October 2009. The Marianas rig was subsequently damaged by Hurricane Ida, so in February 2009 the Transocean Deepwater Horizon was brought in to finish the well.

The well clearly does exist and it is here, yet again, in BP's own video. But what makes this particular video so valuable is that it shows the company tampering with the ROV's display. The government ordered BP to make all of its ROV feeds available, live and for free. This video is de facto evidence of conspiracy to commit fraud and BP must be held liable under the RICO statutes for this and all its other crimes. What you see here, in the space of a short few minutes, is BP monitoring it's stricken Well B, which they say was never built, then tweaking the on-screen displays so that the camera appears to be watching Well A, the only one supposed to exist and only one BP have been trying to let video from out to the public.

They have failed, epicly, at their attempted deceit. First Brian Rich, then I and Fintan Dunne and probably many others of whom I do not yet know have caught Well B on camera and exposed the lie. There are two wells, they were both leaking but we now see, apparently, only the older Well A nicely capped and sitting in clean water. I use the qualifier "apparently" because, now that we have direct evidence of BP altering the on-screen data we cannot trust any of the rest of their data from any time after Deepwater Horizon exploded.

I would like to again thank Fintan Dunne for this discovery. His website is www.fintandunne.com. I would also like to thank the Youtube user who captured this crucial video, even though he was not capturing them for the purpose of "conspiracy theory" research -- he simply was monitoring BP's lame attempts to fix the well, the top hats, junk shots, top kills, junk-in-trunk, all their failures. Because I also discovered other videos he'd posted and used them in my earlier article and now with Mr. Dunne having written about this most important one, special thanks to Youtuber "X2YeZCAMCNC," whose channel can be found here. Without his videos the things which Mr. Rich, Mr. Dunne and I are trying to expose would be mere rumors, speculation, conspiracy theory. I would also like to send a special thank you to Mike Rivero who has tenaciously pursued this story, talked about it on air and linked to my materials at his own fantastic web site, WhatReallyHappened.com

This is hard evidence and the videos are factual. BP's version of the truth is not, and you can see that when they alter their video feed right before your eyes in order to make you think you're looking at Well A when they were actually monitoring the damage to Well B. The well which never existed. The one which will bankrupt the company and land its upper management and operations people in federal prison if we have anything to say about it. Please help spread this evidence to the mainstream media, to the Senators and Representatives of the five stricken Gulf states and to the FBI or other appropriate investigative agencies.

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