Friday, August 27, 2010

Go Fish

BP's Fishing Operation Ends in Failure

BP, do you have any BOPs?
Go fish!
Do you have any Top Hats?
Go fish!
Do you have any idea what you're doing?
Go fish!

BP's attempt to "fish" three pieces of pipe from the blow-our preventer of its runaway Macondo well has not worked and the company is preparing to move forward with removing the blow-out preventer and replacing it with a new one.

The pieces of pipe have settled against the blow-out preventer and the company is unable to retrieve them, National Incident Commander Thad Allen said in a press briefing this morning.

Officials made the decision to stop attempting to fish out the pipe "due to the apparent fragility of the pipe, which keeps breaking off ... and the unknown condition of the blow-out preventer," Allen said.

What a surprise! BP has failed yet again in their operations at site MC252. If they were even trying to succeed, who knows. They had been d!@king around the last few days supposedly trying to fish their well pipe out of the broken blowout preventer but now have given up. Why this was even attempted was never made clear to the press or public. The idiot who is nominally in charge of the Gulf oil disaster response, Thad Allen himself , seemed not to be able to provide a cogent reason for the attempt.

So now on Monday the cap which was put on top of the well on July 15 will be removed and "temporarily stored nearby" on the sea floor, after which time BP will try and replace the failed BOP with a new, sturdier one. That operation is expected to last until Wednesday. The brilliant reporter who wrote this article seemed not to grasp the obvious -- after the cap is removed, and until the new BOP is in place and the well is once again capped, the oil and methane will flow unimpeded. Unless BP has plans to somehow shunt the flow up into its Q4000 burner vessel or into tankers, this will be the case. Again I do not know because no one evidently thought to ask the submoron Allen about that detail.

This whole things stinks. The laughable Admiral already has admitted to the media that he gets 100% of his information from a single source -- BP. The government has already announced their upping of the ante in the cover-up of this crime in the Gulf -- that taxpayers will pay Transocean itself to raise the wrecked equipment from the deep. The BOP is said to be the key piece of evidence from the deep. Do you honestly think, with hundreds of billions of dollars potentially at stake, that BP and Transocean will hand over the real evidence of their crime to the government?

Maybe they will, since BP owns Barry Soetorobama, but I doubt that will happen. I am guessing, wildly speculating, that the company will either present a different, doctored BOP to the government, or that just as they were unable to "fish" the broken well pipe out from that device, they will somehow be unable to raise the BOP. Perhaps when the well's cap is removed, the renewed petroleum geyser will rocket the BOP away, and BP will "lose" it. After all, even with multiple ROVs grasping parts of the BOP with their thrusters acting in unison to drag it safely away, you all saw the power and thrust of the gusher. There's no way that the subs could counter the force of that oil and methane unless somehow the equipment stack contains valves below the level of the BOP that could be closed to shut off that flow.

I don't know -- this is all speculation. And it is speculation because BP are still being suspiciously secretive about what is going on at MC252. The well-meaning but facile Thad Allen doesn't have a clue, and he's supposed to be in charge, so how could I know? I'm raising questions which the public deserves to have answered. The media are not doing their job, so we "small people," bloggers and the like are forced to do it for them. BP will go down for their crimes, we will see to it. Unfortunately for Tony Hayward, who loves to get out on his yacht and flaunt his lifestyle while the Gulf of Mexico is destroyed, there is no fishing to be done in federal prison. Activities are strictly limited, and he'll be concentrating on keeping from having to fish certain substances out of his own pipe. The lifers love to mount exploratory missions to the nether regions of the fresh fish, Tony. Watch your back(side).

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