Thursday, August 26, 2010

London, You Have a Problem...

What you are looking at is a special camera that BP inserted into the blowout preventer as part of their "fishing" operation to remove the drill pipe from the BOP, ahead of them replacing that broken piece of equipment with a new one. The problem: bubbles of oil coming out. According to BP and proven yet again to be a lie, no oil or gas is leaking from the well. But many videos have been captured and uploaded to Youtube showing just that. This leak is particularly troubling because it means that there is still some communication, as BP calls it, between their petroleum reservoir and the wellhead.

BP said that after the ostensible successful cap was put in place that there was no communication, the well is sealed, everything is fine and the disaster never happened. This proves that they lied again, but after the hundreds of lies we've already been told to absorb I suppose this little video won't be interesting enough to the media to make in on CNN or Fox. But if there's even a trickle of communication, that means the top-kill was not 100% successful. And what I'm afraid of is another methane kick like the one that took out Deepwater Horizon blowing the well(s) wide open again.

No one can say whether that will happen, only that it is a remote possibility. But the oil and methane still trapped in that reservoir is moving around under pressure, trying to find its way out through the cracks in the sea floor and through the numerous small leaks still at the well(s). I hope BP can successfully remove the old, damaged BOP and put the new one on without incident, but I'm nervous.

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