Tuesday, August 31, 2010

99 Chips of ZPass on the Wall...

Chicago-area School Tracking Students With GPS in Backpacks

In a bid to set parents' nerves at ease, a southwest suburban school district has become one of the first in the state to begin using GPS to track schoolchildren riding buses to and from school each day.

Palos Heights School District 128 had previously been using ZPass, a GPS technology provided by Seattle-based Zonar Systems, to track the buses. But now the district is outfitting students' backpacks with a luggage tag-sized unit that logs when the student steps on and off the bus.

"A little piece of mind helps you get through the day," says Ann O'Brien, a mother of four children in Palos Heights School District 128. "They can locate kid and bus in seconds."

O'Brien says as she watched her children board and exit school busses today, with the new ZPass cards attached to their backpacks.

Palos School Superintendent Kathleen Casey says the system helps alleviate parents' concerns.

"We can track the bus with the GPS, alleviate a parent's fear if they got on or off bus, look up their ID number and find out what bus and what time boarded or if still on or exited," she said.

Here we have the latest example in the news of the globalists' push to track, trace and database every American citizen and their activities. But they are very clever about it, always introducing their new chisels of tyranny in ways that seem reasonable. Adults are already physically tracked by their cell phones, their habits monitored by sifting through debit and credit card purchases, and their behavior and feelings traced through their email accounts and social networking activities. Younger children, at least those with responsible parents, do not have cell phones or unfettered internet access, so the globalists are looking for ways to track them.

GPS in the backpacks of children sounds reasonable on its face. Every parent's worst nightmare is to return home from work one evening and find that a child has not returned from school. Kidnappers, child molesters and murderers are a problem in America as they are everywhere else. In the news right now is the ongoing search for the young boy named Kyron Horman, who went missing from school, without a trace. The globalists will play on parents' fears to push more systems like this on the people. When I was a kid riding the bus to school, we used to sing about 99 bottles of beer on the wall, and about the wheels on the bus revolving. I guess now the elite will change the popular songs to better acclimate the children of today -- they can sing about 99 Zpass chips on the wall, or rather in their backpacks, and about the gears of the globalist machinery of tyranny going round and round.

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