Sunday, August 29, 2010


Testimony Yields Details of BP Well Design Flaws

"What was interesting to me is that [two BP officials] have pointed at Mr. John Guide, the well team leader, as the decision maker," Coast Guard Capt. Hung Nguyen, the lead investigator, said at a joint Coast Guard- Interior Department hearing in Houston. "If that is true, that is a huge responsibility for one position and on one man."

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In testimony Friday, BP drilling engineer Brett Cocales said it was Guide who had given the order to use fewer safety devices, known as centralizers, than recommended by a contractor. . .

Jesse Gagliano, an employee for contractor Halliburton, has testified he suggested to BP that it place 21 centralizers in the well bore. But BP opted to use six. Two days before the disaster, he sent the company an e-mail warning that using fewer centralizers could result in "severe" gas flow.

Cocales said two other drilling engineers in the BP Houston office, Mark Hafle and Brian Morel, were responsible for designing the well and recommended that fewer safety devices be used.

Hafle and Morel refused to testify this week, invoking their 5th Amendment right not to incriminate themselves.

I am neither an engineer nor an accountant. I have never been tasked with designing and paying to build an experimental "super-deep" oil well nearly a mile below the waves. But if I were the accountant and the engineers told me that 21 "centralizers" were necessary in order to assure safety at the work site, I would approve that expenditure. I have no idea what a centralizer costs but each couldn't be more than a few thousand dollars. The people who designed BP's nightmare well asked for 21, and the company only approved 6 to be used. Ask yourself why.

The same reason why they chose Deepwater Horizon, a vessel with a terrible safety record and over two dozen piece of broken or malfunctioning safety devices. The same reason that two separate management teams were onboard that rig battling for control. The same reason that BP ignored workers at the MC252 site literally screaming and swearing over the phone to headquarters, yelling that the well could not blow up, but that it would definitely blow up if the company ordered the crew to continue. Well, it blew up alright. Ask yourself why.

BP wanted the well to blow out because their aim, as ordered by the globalists, was to create an environmental disaster. This was for two main purposes -- damage the economy of the United States but more importantly to provide what they thought would be a mandate for Barry Soetorobama and Nancy Lugosi and Harry Greed to ram a carbon tax through Congress and into law. It never mattered if BP would actually be held financially responsible for the damage they were to cause. If necessary the company would be sacrificed like a pawn in a chess game. If the Demoncats could retain control of both houses of Congress and fend off investigations into the Gulf oil disaster, saving BP, then that would be a bonus. But if BP had to take a fall in order to get the all-important crap-and-trade, so be it.

What the globalists miscalculated was the staying power of Soetorobama's popularity. If the oil disaster had occurred a few months earlier, he very well might have gotten away with signing into law the largest tax increase ever. But there had been an intervention -- whether you prefer to think of it as being from God, nature or just plain luck, the original plan was to have the oil terror operation carried out in 2009. But a hurricane blew through the Gulf and damaged the ship that started drilling the Macondo well, the Marianas. So Deepwater Horizon had to be brought in to drill that second well, the one which of course does not exist, the one that blew out and killed 11 men and effectively has killed most sea life in those waters.

And like rats deserting a sinking ship, the people involved in the operation are beginning to turn on each other. BP is trying to spin this thing in the hearings to finger a couple of individual engineers and operators. They'll probably get away with it, but the real criminals are the upper management who signed off on the substandard design, knowing that the well would fail, wanting it to blow out. It's patently obvious what this entire incident has been -- a successful blowout, a failed attempt at a carbon tax, and now an ongoing CYA operation. From hereon out the Gulf oil terror operation is a loser for BP -- no carbon tax and more evidence being gathered every day that the well is still leaking, the petroleum is seeping up from the ground itself, and the company has been lying about it "efforts" at cleaning up the mess.

The Gulf oil disaster is a terrible blow to the five states it directly affects and even to those it does not. But the silver lining in this is that it proves that the inbred globalist elites are not infallible. They make mistakes like we all do. They are not invulnerable, and we who know their plans are rapidly gaining on them. More people are being awoken every day and more beginning to take action against their evil plans. It will take years, perhaps decades to clean up the Gulf of Mexico, but we don't have the luxury of waiting decades to defeat the globalists. It must be done immediately.

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