Monday, August 30, 2010

Cancer-Assisting Tomography

CAT Scans Killing 14,000 Americans Per Year
New york Times source article

FDA administrators sought to brush aside evidence that CT scans may be killing thousands of patients a year, say agency scientists.

“I was first ignored, then pressured to change my scientific opinion, and when I refused to do that, I was intimidated and ultimately terminated,” said gastroenterologist and former FDA consultant Julian Nicholas.

The controversy stems from a still-pending application by General Electric (GE) for the approval of CT (computed tomography) scans as tests for colon cancer. GE made the request because although the practice of screening healthy patients with CT scans has become increasingly common, many insurers remains reluctant to pay for it.

The name "CAT scan" was an acronym mean to stand for Computer-aided Axial Tomography. I had one a few years back and it was not a pleasant experience. It has become a very common diagnostic tool in hospitals and can help to save people's lives in extreme circumstances. I believe that the procedure is being overused because it is a good way for cash-strapped hospitals to help recoup some of the losses they endure at the hands of illegal aliens and poor Americans who receive services but pay nothing for their treatment. Now we have evidence that the machines, when used in non-life-threatening cases, can in fact be dangerous.

I am renaming the CAT scan Cancer-Assisting Tomography because that is exactly what the procedure appears to do, especially with repeated use. Most people will never have multiple CAT scans, but some do have repetitive tests done -- athletes who are always breaking bones, people who need repeated internal surgeries, babies born with certain birth defects or congenital abnormalities all can expect repeated CAT scans. This is a problem:

The average U.S. resident is exposed to seven times more non-therapeutic radiation than in 1980. This has been driven in large part by the exploding popularity of CT scans, which expose patients to as much radiation as 400 chest X-rays.

The number of CT scans performed in the United States has increased from three million per year in 1980 to 70 million today. Scientists estimate that this extra radiation exposure kills 14,000 people a year.

Quite a problem indeed. Those figures are stunning. And here's the worst part of it -- the FDA is doing nothing to curtail the widespread and growing use of the machines for the same reason that our criminal government does or does not do anything these days. It is because the politicians and their appointees to agencies like FDA are bought and paid for by large corporations and industry lobbies. General Electric is a major manufacturer of CAT scanners. They also own NBC and are one of Barry Soetorobama's time-share owners. They helped get him elected and are still helping him try to retain any sort of popularity with the public, so in return General Electric gets billions of dollars in contracts for "green energy" programs, which as we all know are Red on the inside.

So if General Electric is, among a handful of others, found to be killing 14,000 Americans per year, and if that number is sure to rise as time goes on due to increasing use of CAT scans, why should the FDA or Soetorobama do anything? As long as Barry isn't killed by cancer from a G.E. machine, why bother ordering the FDA to issue stricter guidelines on the use of the machines or change the rules as to the frequencies and levels of emitted radiation allowed? The president and his family will get the best medical care in the world for the rest of their lives. We do not have the luxury of such protection. So if you are ever in the hospital, sick but not in danger of death, refuse to have a CAT scan performed.

And don't ever buy anything from General Electric again. You can rest assured that that company knows exactly how dangerous their machines are -- companies of that size have teams of accountants and lawyers who calculate the potential legal penalties when they release a new product. They simply calculated that they can make more profit from selling the deadly things than they'll ever be forced to pay in damages. We the American people mean nothing to the globalists, to Barry Soetoro or to companies like G.E. They want to get rid of 95% of the world's population and if Cancer-Assisting Tomography can take out a few thousand pesky Americans every year while making the company a profit, that's killing two birds with one scanner.

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  1. Its a trade off sometimes a cat scan can save a equal number of lives.