Monday, August 30, 2010

The Fix Is In

Republicans in Senate Block BP Investigation

The US Senate refused to vote on a legislative bill from the House of Representatives that would have allowed the Presidential Investigation Commission the power to issue subpoenas in the BP oil spill investigation.

Several Democratic senators argued that while the legislation passed the House with a 420-1 vote, that blocking a Senate vote would cover up the truth of the investigation and the Commission would have to rely solely on the willingness of BP executives to provide information.

I hate the Democrat Party in its current configuration with a passion, but I get even more outraged when the Republicans do something as un-American as this. 420 out of 421 House members voted yes on a bill that would have given those who will be charged with investigating BP full subpoena power. With that power the criminals at BP and hopefully some of their minions in the government would be sent to federal P.M.I.T.A. prisons. Now we will be forced to determine what went on in the Gulf oil disaster strictly based on what information those involved will voluntarily provide the investigators. This is an outrage, as President Soetorobama once said.

Whichever Republicans did this should be impeached, even though that's not possible because what they did is not an impeachable offense. They certainly should never be given a single vote again. But somehow the same cabal of criminal vermin from both sides of the aisle keep getting elected over and over again by their idiot constituents who do not pay attention to things like this. I want the names of the slime mold Republicans that blocked this subpoena power. I am willing to bet that a quick review of records will show that they received substantial campaign contributions from BP.

This only goes further to prove in my mind that BP and the government have been working since the beginning of the oil disaster, or as I think of it, the Gulf of Mexico oil terror operation, hand-in-hand to deceive and defraud the American people. Nothing that comes out of either's spokesmouths can be believed anymore, and now the fake conservative Republicans have stabbed us all in the back, all for a the modern equivalent of the 30 shekels that Judas earned. The backstabbing Republicans should be brought up on charges under the RICO statutes for colluding with BP in their attempted coverup and sent to prison for 20 years.

The Senate decision is a blow to the Obama administration and considered a major setback in the ongoing investigation. Republicans repeatedly requested the Senate Chair not to allow the proposal to be read, heard or voted upon on the Senate floor, which makes it a partisan issue.

The write, in my opinion, got it wrong -- this is not a blow dealt to the "Obama" administration. Rather he is sighing with relief. I'm not surprised that the media spun the vote before it was taken as if Soetoro actually wanted the truth of the oil disaster out. He does not because he and his people are guilty of the same sort of collusion which the Republicans have now gotten into. Barry does not want a real investigation performed, and that is why he gave Transocean the contract to raise the wreckage of Deepwater Horizon, and that is why his toadie Thad Allen doesn't mind admittedly getting 100% of his information from a single source -- BP's press office.

The entire thing stinks, and the Republicans smell the worst right now. Whether they were straight-up bought off by BP or simply were not intelligent enough to see through the media's spin, voting in spite against something they thought Soetorobama wanted, that is immaterial. I question the motives and the patriotism of anyone who voted to block the American people's right to learn the truth of what has gone on in the Gulf of Mexico. They should hang their heads in shame, and their constituents should punish them for this trespass at the ballot box the very next chance they get.

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