Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Speck

Found this linked to on whatreallyhappened.com, and it's not really a surprise that Beck does it, but rather unusual that the video leaked out. I don't watch his show on Fixed News, nor do I listen to the radio, but he is often on one of the TVs at my gym when I am using the treadmill, so I do catch segments of the show a couple times a week. It's ridiculous on its face the way he cries at some point in nearly every show I do see a part of. That sort of overblown emotion always seemed fake. Now you can see for yourself that it is.

Glenn Beck cries not because he truly loves America that much, and not because of dust or dirt blowing around the Fox studio getting specks of irritants in his eyes. He uses Vick's Vap-o-Rub to initiate the tears. Alex Jones says that Beck is simply an actor and probably working directly for the CIA, and I can believe that. Mike Rivero says that he is used as a media gatekeeper, and I believe that. Beck was installed at Fox News to talk about some aspects of the New World Order while keeping the public in the dark at the worst aspects.

Beck will admit that "Obama" is a Marxist but he will not touch the birth certificate issue. He talks about the banking takeover but not who is really behind the banksters and what their plans are. He goes into great detail about his love of the founding fathers and the basic, guiding principles they used to form America as a free, representative republic. But he will never discuss the total surveillance society we are becoming, the globalists' command-and-control style of government they wish to impose... He will not touch the issues of our air, water and food being poisoned or the toxic consumer goods such as BPA-laden food and beverage containers. He often discusses Soetoro's Czars but will not talk about the worst one, John P. Holdren the eugenicist, who wrote in his government textbook that he wants to save the Earth by reducing the population by means of involuntary sterilization.

Glenn Beck built up his grand exposé of FEMA camps, then ended up debunking them as conspiracy theory by running video of an installation that no serious investigator even claimed was run by FEMA. He is a distraction artist, in other words. Enough people became awake in the years following the false-flag terror attacks in September of 2001. The globalists knew that they could no longer deny the existence of all of their programs. So Glenn Beck was installed at Fox to keep conservatives in the Fox News tent, where some of what Soetoro has been doing to destroy the country is admitted, but the globalist endgame is still hidden.

It won't work. Beck's ratings peaked and are now slightly down. he will get a bump from the incredible rally he held on the Mall in D.C. last weekend, but it will be a temporary bump. More people are seeing his fakery and are turning away from Beck and towards true patriots and honest news sources like Jones and Rivero, like Officer Jack McLamb and Dr. Katherine Albrecht, like Michael Savage, like George Noory and Ian Punnet at Coast-to-Coast A.M. Glenn has had a hell of a run over the past couple of years but I suspect his career is now on the downhill slope. He is a fake, proven by this video, and in the larger scheme of our fight against the globalist takeover of the world, he is truly but a speck.

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