Sunday, August 29, 2010


9 Convicted of Looking Up Obama's Student Loan Records

"The only reason my client was prosecuted by the federal government was that he happened to look up the student loan records of Barack Obama," attorney David R. Treimer of Davenport, Iowa, told WND in an earlier interview.

Treimer represents John Phommivong, a 29 year-old who is the son of parents who fled Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.

He said the defendants were bored at their jobs and decided to look up the student-loan records of various celebrities, including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

None of the defendants got into any trouble until they looked up the student-loan records of President Obama. Then the FBI descended upon them.

Barry and Mrs. Soetorobama have already spent well over a million dollars on lawyers in their desperate attempt to keep a hermetic seal on all of the president's records, from his birth certificate to his medical records to his college grade transcripts and student loan records. Why would the criminal, illegal alien, verminous eco-fascist president not want his loan records made public? I doubt it is because he is embarrassed at how long it took him to pay back, or the amount he borrowed.

The reason for this is because they would show him to have applied for special loans as a foreign exchange student, i.e. a student with Indonesian citizenship. That would be a loser either way for Soetorobama -- if he was lying then, if he was an American with citizenship in good standing, then he defrauded the government, the schools and any private scholarship organizations with which he applied for the loans. If he's lying now, which I believe to be the case, and still legally is an Indonesian, then he has committed the highest form of treason I can imagine.

This foreign puppet usurper is wielding the power of our government against us every day. The people who illegally looked up Barry's records are also criminals and should and are being punished appropriately. I hope that eventually the truth will come out, whichever way it turns out, and that if the president is found to have run for and attained office illegally, he also be given the correct punishment by a court of law. He might get off on a technicality, though -- I doubt we could find twelve others to form a jury who also illegally took control of the United States of America...

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  1. Their was a citizen from the united kingdom that was banded from the usa for swaring at obama in a email sent to him.. These agencies seem to be acting more like the KBG in the fromer soviet union