Thursday, August 12, 2010

Caught on Camera Again -- Non-Existent Well B

Well B does not exist according to BP. Except that it does, was damaged and this is now the fourth video I have found to prove that not only does it exist, it was damaged along with Well A, which is the only one now seen in the media. But I'm a conspiracy theorist because I can match two sets of numbers.

X=1202525 in this video. Well site B in BP's Initial Exploration Plan is at X=1202514.00. X marks the spot of Well B, ladies and gentlemen, see it for yourselves:

And for any new readers who aren't familiar with my theory, A Tale of Two Wells, I will include the much more common picture of Well A and it's coordinates. Match the numbers for yourselves, it's not at all difficult.

How long will it take for this story to get into the lamestream media? Look at the footage of Well B and tell me that nothing exists there. BP's claim directly to me that they never received permission to drill at site B and never did so nor installed any equipment is patently false. Look at the pictures, match the numbers. BP's management would already be in leg irons if the government and media were both not compromised at every level.

OK, so five minutes after I posted the above I found a fifth video showing Well B, which does not exist.

If you're wondering why the aspect ration is off in the videos, the person that captured both is the same Youtuber, and evidently mistakenly encoded the videos with a 16:9 ration instead of the correct 4:3. I un-squished the still screens in Photoshop to make it easier for you to read the numbers and also enhanced the contrast a bit.

The same user has dozens and dozens of videos showing the usual Well A, and he or she evidently did not notice the two locations when BP switched, they were just capturing video each day to show that the oil flow rate was getting worse after each failed fix attempt.


OK folks, here's video number 6 of the well which never existed. This is getting easier. This one only took an additional two minutes to find. Why haven't more people discovered this? Ironic that the coordinates on this video are the easiest of the bunch to read, since whoever shot this appears to simply be holding his or her camera in front of a monitor or television. It's plain as day:

And for anyone new who doesn't know the whole back-story, read my earlier posts:

Thanks to "X2YeZCAMCNC" of Youtube for the first two videos and "mrhappycamper69" for the third.

A user from Youtube name "xsithos" wrote me to explain that he thinks that at least some of these videos actually represent the fallen riser pipe that came crashing down on the ocean floor, having been detached from Deepwater Horizon by the explosion on April 20. I think he may be right about this last video I posted here and possibly about the two quick clips that Russia Today aired. However, I maintain that the other videos that I found myself show more than the riser pipe. I would like to thank "xsithos" for clarifying this for me. He or she is maintaining an open mind as to the possibility of a second well having been built.

Here's my adjusted theory. Everyone knows and saw on TV that BP were running operations to try and clamp that broken riser pipe. Here is what the pipe looks like:

I now think that Deepwater Horizon's riser pipe landed a few feet away from the X-coordinate Well B which was proposed and which I propose was built. I think that the fact that it happened to land there would be convenient for BP because none of the schmucks on TV know what they're looking at in terms of the equipment and its coordinates. Maybe I'm a bigger schmuck for still insisting that Well B was built, was damaged and was filmed leaking but this piece of equipment is not a riser pipe:

Nor is this:

The riser pipe is seen lying horizontal and at an angle, and not painted. It is a simple pipe with no parts attached. According to Transocean's page on Deepwater Horizon the riser pipe is only 21 inches in diameter. And what I think is clearly Well B is sitting there, much larger, painted white, with parts bolted onto it, it is sitting perfectly upright and not at an angle, and it ejecting oil straight up unlike the riser, which is shooting it to the side. Comments are always welcome from the Anonymouses and from SweetBeavis and BurnBP. Let's figure this thing out.

An anonymous commenter brought something back to my attention which had been written by someone to me before, and I simply forgot to update my articles. The Y coordinate for Well B which was printed in the section of BP's Initial Exploration Plan I've been using for the Well A vs. Well B comparison is a typo. The true figure for Well B should appear as Y=10431494, not Y=10434194. No conspiracy here, just a simple keystroke error resulting in the transposition of a '4' and a '1' in the middle of the number.

The anonymous commenter noticed this on his or her own and calculated the correct figure by translating the latitude-longitude figures, but this is confirmed elsewhere in the same Plan -- if you scroll past the first couple of pages you will find a large color map of the site, and the coordinates printed there for site B are the correct ones, corroborating what the commenter noticed. I have been only concentrating on the X coordinate but it's nice of that person to have noticed the error in BP's filing and let me know about it.


  1. If this is true, why wouldn't BP have changed the coordinates on the video? How could they have overlooked that? Also, do you think oil is still being released in large volume?

    1. I guess you can say for sure BP knows the tricks of their trade.

  2. I think they didn't bother t alter the onscreen coordinates first because most people, even in the media, don't know that BP applied to drill two wells. Second, even if people did notice the change in the coordinates, they would just think they were looking at a different part of the same well, but the two locations are 250 feet apart.

    Go back and find some of the diagrams and videos that ABCBSNBC and Fox and CNN and MSNBC prepared to show you how all the different kill methods would work. The well equipment was a single vertical stack. The largest part was the BOP which was the size of a cargo van. There cannot possible equipment sticking perfectly straight up out of the ground, all nicely painted white, spewing out oil and gas 250 feet away from Well A.

    There could be equipment, debris from Deepwater Horizon of course, and there surely is scattered all over the sea floor, but it could not be spewing petroleum and probably most of the paint was melted off of the rig, so it will be more difficult for the investigators to spot with the ROVs when they start to have Transocean raise the wreckage.

    That's another story BTW:

    And yes, I do believe that massive amounts of oil are still being released both by the blown out Well B on the surface of the ocean floor and down below ground. BP's own engineers admitted that they had detected at least two failure points in the well casing below the surface at I think around 4500 and 7000 feet underground. That's why you can find hundreds of Youtube videos of oil and gas seeping out from the ocean floor itself. Read about that here:

    Even if they did manage to completely or partially Well B above around, the oil simply redirects to flow out through the shattered well casing underground and is slowly percolating through the rock stratum and finding its way into the ocean.

    My position is that BP tried to cap Well B but could not, all along planning only to show A on TV since they knew that old well had sustained much less damage, if any. I think it was damaged as well by the blast but that BP may have actually used the ROVs' tools to damage it further so that it would match the appearance of Well B if any footage of B with the coordinates superimposed leaked out.

    So they had twin wells with similar appearances, only meant to ever show A on TV but accidentally forgot to cut the live feeds to the public a couple of times while surveying B. But even if it happened that video at site B got out they didn't think anyone was savvy as to their Initial Exploration Plan and would take the time to find the PDF, download it, watch hundreds of Youtube videos to find the handful showing B, and write about it.

    If you think about it, it's a one in a million chance that I found the other Youtuber's four-part, 40-minute long kind of boring but important series on his theory that BP were showing the wrong well and actually sat through the whole thing. Another long shot that I would find someone else's first videos showing oil spewing at site B.

    And BP certainly wouldn't expect one of we "small people," as they call us, to spend so much time and energy doing his own research and putting everything up in simple-to-understand language and complete with all the videos and still frame grabs you need to see that I am right. Allegedly ;)

  3. UPDATE:

    I was incorrect as to the depths of the two underground, admitted leaks in the well casing. That is a bad job by me, The actual depths of the two reported are even farther down, at 9,000ft and 17,000 respectively. This according to CNN:

    Again, very bad job by me. I'm not the Human Calculator. But I admit when I'm wrong and I clearly misremembered the depth figures. I also remembered the fact that the well was compromised at two points underground. It's a push -- neutral job by me.

  4. Don't beat yourself up over it - you're the only person who's spotted the discrepancies so far!

    And quit putting your blog down - it's spreading faster than you might think - just that most of the people in a position to do something about it know darn well their cred would be immediately attacked by the 13 Families minions and goons the moment they posted on the net - catch 23?

    Meanwhile the rest of us continue to wake people up. One a more a time:-

    An excellent, if rather chaotic, ’safe haven’ resource of fundamental truths resides at:-

    Wherein I would most strongly recommend a deep study of the following three obscure authors:-

    W.G.Carr “Pawns in the Game”
    Eustace Mullins “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”
    Fritz Springmeier “13 Bloodlines” and “Monarch”

    If you can disregard their politics and their agendas and, in one case at least, ‘alleged’ felonies, armed with this combined knowledge mankind can heal itself and get back onto the spiritual path.

    This will be of the greatest relief to terrified children everywhere…

  5. Well one more person read your "stupid blog" and frankly I am now only able to read blogs to find out what is going on. The level of disinformation is staggering but perhaps maybe only because we are all realizing it is disinformation. Great post. Thank you.

  6. what will happen if BP and government come out and admit that there are two troble wells?