Wednesday, August 4, 2010

RED ALERT: The Other Well

This shows that BP are lying about having capped the gushing well. I captured this video a couple hours after BP issued a press release claiming that their "static kill" procedure had successfully taken control of the well. Kudos to Youtube user "2010MsBambi" for tipping me off to this -- watch his excellent 4-part video series about this topic at Youtube. But what would take you 40 minutes to hear him explain I can do for you in a fraction of the time.

The Skandi ROV #1, one of the pair that were parked in front of the oil gusher all those weeks, was moved after the tropical storm came through the Gulf. It is now parked in front of "Well A," the one that BP first attempted, then capped and abandoned after problems developed. They then drilled "Well B" which is the one that blew Deepwater Horizon out of the water and was and still is gushing oil.

BP claim that they are showing you video of a capped Well B, which is a lie. Go to the government's own web site and download the paperwork that BP filed for the MC252 survey zone:

Mineral Management Service PDF File

Well A is located at map coordinates X=1202804 and Y=10431617.

Well B is located at map coordinates X=1202514 and Y=10431494.

The Skandi ROV, parked on the wellhead BP claims is Well B's, is at map coordinates X=1202778 and Y=1043165**2, with two numbers not clear from the video.

NOTE: The date appears as 4/8 instead of 8/4 because the Skandi ROVs are based in Europe and that is their dating covention.

This is hands-down proof that BP are lying and showing pictures of the neat, clean cap they put months and months ago on Well A before moving Deepwater Horizon over Well B's location and starting to drill it. The oil is still coming out Well B and BP cannot stop it so they are lying to limit their financial damages.

BP used Tropical Storm Bonnie as an excuse to pull all the ROVs from the water and then reposition the Skandis and probably others as well at the clean, capped Well A, which was capped well before problems started happening to Well B. That's the missing piece in this whole game. Well B, the one that cause all this mess, is still wide open and BP and the dumb media are lying to you.

An anonymous commenter brought something back to my attention which had been written by someone to me before, and I simply forgot to update my articles. The Y coordinate for Well B which was printed in the section of BP's Initial Exploration Plan I've been using for the Well A vs. Well B comparison is a typo. The true figure for Well B should appear as Y=10431494, not Y=10434194. No conspiracy here, just a simple keystroke error resulting in the transposition of a '4' and a '1' in the middle of the number.

The anonymous commenter noticed this on his or her own and calculated the correct figure by translating the latitude-longitude figures, but this is confirmed elsewhere in the same Plan -- if you scroll past the first couple of pages you will find a large color map of the site, and the coordinates printed there for site B are the correct ones, corroborating what the commenter noticed. I have been only concentrating on the X coordinate but it's nice of that person to have noticed the error in BP's filing and let me know about it.


  1. I just checked this out for myself, and you are absolutely right. I looked at the coordinates of the current Skandi live feed, and they are very similar to what is shown in the youtube video. About 30 feet away from well A but around 300 feet away from well B. And there is no doubt which is which. Page 8 of the PDF clearly shows well A was abandoned in 2009 while well B was being worked on in April 2010. BTW your PDF link is wrong.

  2. The Well was clearly capped on July 14 days BEFORE Bonnie forced the evacuation on July 22, so they didn't have to move Skandi to well A to show us a "neat clean cap," because millions watched them installing the cap over a week before Bonnie moved through the area.

    An uncontrolled leak a few hundred yards away at well B would be producing a massive oil slick. If BP can't control it as you claim, then we should continue to see an ever increasing volume of oil in the Gulf. Time will prove this, and your speculation, wrong.

  3. What if the capping we saw was replay of well A from 2009? As many times before, rumours can be put to rest if you simply show live coverage of both wells simultaneously. Though even then, it should not be hard to play with the coordinates feed using not too complicated software. Better still, make a flyover above all the 18 leak-spots claimed by Matt Simmons and prove him wrong. Simple.

  4. Very interesting.. but, what about all the Gulf people claiming that the oil suddenly "disappeared" ?.. this is all really strange !

  5. Just add 3x the dispersants at the wellhead?

  6. I was wondering why every time I saw the leaking well it looked different. I didn't think (or know enough) to check the coordinates.

  7. Unfortunately, the truth is not so simple. Take a look at some of the previously recorded ROV feeds on youtube. The coordinates of the BOP gushing oil are the same coordinates (roughly) that they are showing of the capped BOP. Based on that- if we're looking at well A capped, we were also looking at well A gushing. Here's what I'm trying to figure out:

    Not many people may know that the X and Y coordinates are in feet. If you watch the coordinates in some of the videos, they jump erratically (more than 2000 feet in some cases in a matter of seconds). Obviously this is not possible. Possibilities? 1) The positioning system is being affected by 5000' of water and a crapload of dispersed oil. 2) BP has been overlaying faked text onto the ROV feeds from the start, so we have no way of knowing exactly where all these leaks really are.

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  9. the oil certainly hasn't "gone away"

  10. Nice Blog. Good for you picking up the pen !

  11. Unfornately, The coordinates on the Rov can only be obtained By a GPS antenna on the surface. There is NO sattelite signal available 5 miles deep. So those coordinates show you where the Ship is setting. A ship that is not achored to the bottom but is being controlled by a captain to keep it close to the area. So claiming this is proof that BP is lying is a lie on it's own.

  12. BP has been lying, Matt Simmons has been inaccurate. I no longer trust anyone. If the oil is still gushing, where is it? Show me!

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  14. If we're all gonna die we may as well laugh all the way to our graves...


  16. ((If the oil is still gushing, where is it? Show me!))

    already have. See previous post with the link, and do try to improve your reading skills

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  19. There is NO illusion, There is no GPS signal in 5000ft of water. So you are seing the Coordinates of the GPS antenna at the surface which is attatched to a boat that is floating around. If you are going to try to do a blog at least TRY to get the facts straight.

  20. All the idiots who are saying the GPS signal is coming from the ship on the surface obviously hasn't watched the feeds one time because the coordinates change all the time in relation to the ROVs moving. Dumbass. Watch and understand the feeds. Sometimes they have the coordinates for the ROV AND their cage (different x y) which can change with just the gulf currents as they rise and fall.

  21. BP kept us safe after 9/11. The Oil Spill is nothing but a big conspiracy theory invented by environmentalist whackos. All of this video is photoshopped to make people think that a powerful corporation would ever make a mistake. BP does care about small people and the people most hurt by all of this are the small business people who own BP stations. They are your neighbors and they helped you on 9/11 and are helping to fight the war on terror. Face it you people hate freedom and hate America. Iranians killed Jesus and now you want them to kill God's Chosen People too! If God's Chosen People are killed God will take vengenance on the world. Find a Jewish person and tell them how sorry you are about the Holocaust and for their persecution and then offer them the contents of your wallet and ask them to speak to God and ask him for forgiveness.

  22. Wow that is the dumbest comment I ever read...... Iranians killed Jesus? Actually it was the Jews that killed Jesus.

  23. The Iranians killed Jesus? Are you serious? Were you born stupid or did you have to work at it your whole life?

  24. With all due respect to the people claiming that the coordinates shown on the screen are of the boat to which the ROVs' umbilicals are attached, I disagree based on simple logic. First, the operators of the subs would not be able to find the wellhead and riser and the other equipment without knowing the coordinates of the ROVs in real time. Second, simply watch the live feeds from the Skandi rovers. You see the coordinates shift in real time when the subs are in motion, and they are static when the subs lock their arms onto a piece of equipment for station-keeping.

    You may well be right that the signals from the GPS satellites cannot penetrate water of that depth, but keep in mind that the ROVs are not fully autonomous -- they are attached to their motherships with umbilicals, which contain wires that allow the drivers to command the subs' motion, provide them power and carry the video feed up to the surface. Is it not logical to assume, since knowing the ROVs' precise underwater location is critical, that the operators have built in a GPS antenna and repeater into the system?

    I don't mind comments disagreeing with me -- in fact I welcome them. That's why I left the system open to all you Anonymouses and did not require registration. But name calling is childish, so let's step out of the schoolyard and back into the classroom. Let's keep the debate open and fair.

    I did have to think about the issue of underwater GPS reception, but I've watched so much video from those rovers over the months that I'm positive that the on-screen displays do indeed show the underwater coordinates of the subs themselves, not the surface ships.

    Also of note is that the twin Skandi subs are the only two that show these map coordinates. And I wasn't clear about that before -- the coordinates are not regular latitude-longitude GPS coordinates -- they are, in fact, Lambert map coordinates. If the numbers were the location of the surface ships, why bother to translate in software from lat/long to Lambert?

    No, the only reason for this is that BP need to know exactly where along the sea floor the Skandis are. All the other subs only display bearing and depth. None of the other 14 have ever shown Lambert coordinates on screen. It appears that the Skandi system is the only one fitted with whatever advanced system allows them to track their position underwater.

    What is your response to this argument, Anonymouses?

  25. You're right bankster
    A quick search on Skandia Neptune reveals -

    Equipped according to DNV AUTR (NMD Class II) DP requirements.
    Type: Kongsberg SDP 21
    References: 2 x DGPS, Tautwire, HiPAP 500, HPR

    HiPAP and HPR are underwater acoustic nav systems that provide the position of the rov integrated with the GPS position of the support vessel.

    LOL at Emery and amonymouse@7:24 - so it's true Americans don't do irony :p

  26. The skandi clearly are displaying their own coordinates, not the ships above. It's obvious.

    It's also obvious that the coordinate feeds are of well A, which is patently not the rig that sank.

    As we have had footage of rover at A showing oil, then it follows that both A+B wells failed.

    Consider this : They are only 300ft apart - staff interviewed about the rig reported that they tried to drill A too quickly and cracked the surrounding formation as a result. The well was capped and abandoned and they moved onto well B

    They were drilling B when it blew out. If the geological formation is damaged, and well B became compromised, they two wells 300ft apart might be reasonably expected to have channels through the surrounding formation between them.

    So, consider for a moment that these two wells are so close together in a compromised formation when well B goes pop.

    If there are channels between the wells, might not pressure at well A suddenly fluctuate wildly as the event occurs and perhaps blow both wells?

    BP were "ordered" to drill two relief wells? Or did they drill two relief wells because two relief wells are necessary because there's two wells?

    It is patently obvious that there is omission and obfuscation in MSM and BP's public communication

  27. Thank you, Anonymouses. As Lindsey Williams reported to Alex Jones and Coast-to-Coast A.M., the sea floor itself is compromised. It really does not matter at which wellhead BP parks its subs. Their only goal now is to point the cameras in any direction which will hide the awful truth. Nothing can stop the eventual release of all that oil from their petroleum cavern beside the equalization of the pressure down below the surface with that of the water sitting on top of it.

  28. BB777- consider the video at
    What accounts for the impossibly large, seemingly random change in coordinates while the ROV is "parked" at this wellhead?

  29. Consider the possibility that Mr. or Ms. Anonymous is a BP rep. Consider the fact that that video looks very much like a stabilized and digitally altered specimen. Consider the fact that you see a color range unlike that seen in any other underwater footage.

    Consider the fact that BP will do anything to conceal the truth. Consider the fact I, in my latest post, caught them filming with their ROVs at not one but two different well sites from which oil was spewing.

    Consider the fact that you are being lied to at every turn by BP. Consider the fact that countless other videos are up on Youtube of the same site, on the same day of Mr. Anonymous' video link show the same gusher but with map coordinates which stay steady.

    Consider viewing these:

    Consider not being an asshat like Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous. Consider thinking for yourself. Consider using your own eyes. Consider considering people who post anonymous attempts to conceal the truth as detestable vermin of the lowest order.

    But most of all, consider everything for yourselves. Don't believe me. Do your own analyses. The anony-mouses of the world are manifold. You are your own men and women. There are only one of each of you.

    The corporate lie is dead. Consider it so. You may find the proof of this anony-mouse's lie here:

  30. I do believe you are calling one of your allies an asshat, and as such alienating those who stand at your side. I think the point was being made that the ROV video feeds could not possibly be real due to the coordinate fluctuations, and BP MUST be faking either the coordinates, the video feeds, or both- presumably in an attempt to hide the fact that there are multiple leaks in multiple locations.

    Please don't degenerate to childish attacks on your readers when you do not understand their comments. And "anonymous" postings don't betray intent. Let's assume this IS a coverup. If I broke evidence which serves to uncover the lie, I'd want to make it as difficult as possible for the govt to track me down as well.

  31. Excellent discussion. No need to call each other asshats (but it's a pretty funny word). Looks to me like the BP media officer who responded to BanksterBuster is lying through her teeth. The most damning evidence to me is BP's simple mistake of airing footage from two different wells - as far as the public is concerned, there has only ever been one well in question. What a blunder by BP! Well done, BanksterBuster and non-asshat supporters!

  32. SweetBeavis is correct -- an apology is in order. I am sorry to whomever I called an asshat. After I ask people not to call names I went and did it. So I apologize for that, Anonymous. BP simply has me so angry that I did what I normally would not in a discussion. I shall endeavor to refrain from further childish outbursts. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Beavis my brother!

  33. This just in -- Skandi Neptune, the mothership from which the ROVs are operated, has her own page on Facebook. Be friends with an inanimate object today!

  34. Agreed, BP truly has us all far, far too pissed off. The media covering BP's ass isn't helping too much either :(
    Something needs to change, and soon.

  35. Something has changed, friends, just tonight. I found absolutely crystal clear video showing the well at site B gushing oil, with the coordinates clearly visible, not all blurry. Gentlemen, behold:

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