Thursday, February 25, 2010

Debra Medina for Governor

This is a copy of an old email, not a current blog post:

Have you guys heard about Deborah Medina running for governor? She's a Ron Paul type constitutionalist. Her poll numbers were minuscule until a recent debate in which she wiped the floor with both Perry and Hutchison. Her numbers quadrupled in the next poll. The establishment then got the media company running the next debate to change its rules to disallow her from participating, but public outcry was such that Belo had to agree to change them back. Perry and Hutchison are both Bilderberg members and Kay Bailey is even on its steering committee. They both suck. Look into Medina and if you like what read, vote for her in the primary.

Also, did you notice that the government is now admitting that they did arrest a second man in the Crotch Bomber incident, and that there was a second bomb found on him? Both of which they denied until just days ago. Both f which I reported to you within days of Christmas? That's one of their media tricks -- immediately deny, then later admit so that, in the future, when people look at news reports, all they'll be able to pull up are the revised editions of articles. How many people do you think would be clever enough to use the Internet Archive to go back and look at the first editions of reports? I do but most people probably never heard of that service. It's a very clever trick. I'm telling you, and I'm telling you -- 99% certainty that this was an intelligence operation through and through. And now they're trying to scare people with all these new reports of passenger disturbances on flights and the report that a record number of people on the no-fly list have been caught trying to board airplanes. I have no doubt that some are genuine wacky Muslim fanatics but a lot are guaranteed to be operatives.

And have your read the new report that the FBI analysis of the anthrax that was sent in letters to government officials and media executives in late 2001 was found to be genetically identical to the strain stored at USAMRIID in Ft. Detrick, Maryland? And that it was found to contain 12% by weight of silicon, which is the agent used by the military weaponize the spored by coating them so they stay as individual spores instead of clumping, leading to effortless aerosolization? The official explanation is that the bacteria were accidentally contaminated by a growth medium containing silicon, which is ridiculous since silicon plays no role in biochemistry and is not present in organisms unless you just ate a handful of sand. The FBI had Lawrence Livermore labs run dozens of tests to see what level of silicon contamination they could produce -- the result -- 0.01%. Did you know that the doctor who worked for the government who was framed for the attacks was one of the great many people who have committed suicide in a suspicious but officially case-closed-immediately manner?

I already told you that WHO head has admitted that the swine flu/H1N1 vaccine brouhaha was a complete farce perpetrated to enrich the five vaccine makers and that the shots are dangerous. Which I've been telling you since April. Now the U.N. has admitted that their scare paper of a few years ago writing that the Himalayan glaciers would completely disappear by 2030 was also a hoax and purposely designed to evoke fear and pressure countries into action. And I bet you didn't hear on Fox News that official NASA emails have now also leaked, paralleling those from East Anglia University which caused Climategate, and they lay out a fraud exactly like what was perpetrated in England?

None of this is hard to follow, research, comprehend and then take action on account of. But still I feel like a lone voice in a wilderness. The latest timetable I'm hearing is 2-3 years for the complete collapse of the dollar and massive hyperinflation, then 5-10 years before the total military and technological takeover. And when that happens, the killing starts. Obama has just instructed the World Bank to prohibit Third World countries from building any new coal-fired power plants, though China is allowed to build three every week. Hospitals in Africa are already losing patients left and right because they are required to use solar panels for their sole power source, and only allowed two panels per building. 5-7 million Africans have died within the last five years from starvation because of the doubling of food prices caused by the biofuel movement diverting fully half of American production of corn to ethanol, which gives lower gas mileage and puts out much higher levels of CO2 when you take into account its production and not just look at what comes out of your tailpipe. Well your car's, not yours. The UNICEF estimates that 1 billion people will die by 2030 if the Copenhagen treaty's for Third World emission cuts were to be enforced, a level which was set at 1.8x the level required for First and Second World Nations.

I've sent you the links about GMO corn causing liver and kidney failure. And almost everything you eat and 100% of food aid sent to poor countries is GMO, and in many cases a food item will have multiple GMO ingredients. The FDA caught the big pharma companies in the '70s "accidentally" putting HIV virus into Factor 8 solution for hemophiliacs, so instead of suing them to stop production, and instead of the companies stopping production or changing protocols to eliminate the "accidental contamination" guess what they did? They simply diverted sales to Africa and Europe. This isn't a crazy dream I had -- look it up if you can stomach the truth. All of the insane sounding things I write you are real. I am so pissed off that it's like a fireball's in my gut. And no one listens. Nobody. When all that's required is a few hours of research into material freely and plainly available, no one wants to extract their heads from the and long enough to care for themselves or their families. It's disgusting, but not surprising when you consider that we've all been injected with poisoned vaccines and taken harmful medications all our lives. We've eaten tainted food and drunk contaminated water, and breathed polluted air. So initially I can understand the reluctance, but not when I explain the outline of the current world situation and spoon-feed people the resources they need to confirm for themselves. This country and its people are nothing that the founding fathers would recognize, or even a lowly cobbler or blacksmith from that age would. You don't have to be an intellectual giant to fight the globalists. I'm not. But for God's sake, we have to get people to stand up and fight. Five to ten years left. Think about that really hard.

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