Thursday, February 25, 2010

Your Corporatin

This is a copy of an old email and not a proper blog post:

I'm not talking about the one you work for, I'm talking about your legal twin entity that the government created for you. Did you ever wonder why, even though any honest legal scholar will tell you that the Amendment which created the IRS and the income tax was never legally ratified, the government still successfully prosecutes tax dodgers who claim that fact in court? It's because to the government and all other corporations, you are not Frank Xxxxxxx. Look at your checkbook, credit cards, bills and statements from the IRS. From a legal standpoint, you are FRANK XXXXXXX, and that's why every one of those will always spell your name in all caps. When your parents signed you up for Social Security, thanks to the verminous Franklin Roosevelt, a shadow twin of you was incorporated for all government and financial purposes. That's the chicane which allows them to get around the law. How many people know that? I didn't discover this -- I'm not smart enough in terms of legal minutiae to have figured it out. I heard it on a local radio show, investigated it and it's true. All of us have a parasite entity that allows the ticks in the Fed and the government to feed off of us. The guy laid out a very complex process by which you could dissolve your corporation -- I wish I had a copy of that show. It was just a local businessman who bought time for like 12 Sundays just after the thing with my parents, and I would go to Borders and read and listen to that show. Maybe if I contacted him he might have copies of the shows. I have his email address because I sent him a message back then. Maybe I'll see about that. He had a lot of great info about the global financial system, even though he fixes restaurant large appliances. I've no idea how he came up with the knowledge he gained. But we need to pay attention.

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