Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gun Shows and the Death of the 2nd Amendment

This is a copy of an old email and not a proper blog post:

Today Alex Jones had on the owner of the Texas Gun Show that exhibits monthly in Austin and Live Oak, and the BATF and Austin PD just conducted an outrageously illegal intimidation and sting operation against the gun show. They made every private seller selling to another private citizen go through an FFL licensed dealer at the show, even though people not in the business are not required to sell individual arms to others. They put the pressure on HEB, who owns the building, who then forced the guy to accede to the BATF "recommendations" or lose the right to rent for the weekend. Notice the chicanery in not directly forcing him to do so, but acting through an intermediary. And they also did a sting operation where they payed an illegal immigrant, excuse me, "undocumented American" to purchase a gun from a dealer, then they arrested the dealer, even though it appears that it's not against the law to sell to illegals. They would never deport the illegal, but they arrested the dealer. Total criminal racketeering, they are going to have a hard time avoiding a RICO suit, unless of course the "random" federal judge selection happens to choose a fellow traveler.

I really think that if you want to get any more firearms you should do so ASAP. Everyone knows that Eric Holder has already introduced several draconian gun laws essentially outlawing any ownership. I just heard about House Bill 1202, I think it is, today. Holder has said he wants to ban all guns repeatedly, Obama voted for that in Chicago, and then you have the verminous Cass Sunstein, fiancee of the Supreme Court, who has announced plans to shut down the internet and ban free speech. Look him up with that stuff -- you wouldn't believe me if you didn't read the mainstream articles. He actually says that -- end free speech, it is not a right. He wrote a 30-page white paper on conspiracy theories stating that anyone who is against the government is a conspiracy theorist, and such though and speech is banned by the Constitution, and therefore such people should be imprisoned. He is the Technology Czar. The internet is his official domain, even though he's nothing more than a pinko lawyer and law professor.Obama's first internet chief resigned last year when he saw that the government is buying up all the small ISPs and networking companies they can, shutting them off from our internet and turning them into the Internet 2.0 that you ay have heard about. Internet 2.0 will be an ultra-high-speed version of the original internet, ARPANet, developed by DARPA and serving only the government, select universities and national research laboratories. They plan to turn Internet 1.0 off completelyif all goes well, and if there is resistance they will simply enact Chinese-style net censorship. The contracts have already been placed with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. The controls are ready, they just are waiting to be implemented. Australia just started using the same system.

It's incredible to me how quickly everything is accelerating and how out in the open all their plans are. But the hubris of the globalists and their psychosexual pleasure derived from telling people what they're going to do before doing it is the one Achilles' heel. The arrogance is their most serious vulnerability. Just from the events of the last few weeks I'm currently planning on investing less in gold and more in guns and ammo and accessories. They'll be more valuable than gold if things break down here like you're seeing in Haiti. My God, reading my own writing, the I of even 5 years ago would think I've gone crazy and dangerously so. But I haven't -- it's pragmatic what I'm writing to you. Things are this bad, they're going to get that much worse, and the time table is continually shrinking. The kind of vision I have for the near future in my childhood was the subject of my favorite movies and books. Post-apocalyptic was my favorite genre -- I ate the stuff up. Now I don't watch those much anymore because it's no longer entertainment, it's predictive programming.

I don't pretend to be a hero like Heston in The Omega Man or Soylent Green, or like Swayze in Red Dawn. Hell, I know who I am. Just a dork with a laptop, high-speed internet and way too much time on his hands. But I've spent five solid years studying this crap and by this time I practically have the Eye of Sauron when it comes to monitoring the NWO. I just wish more of the people I care about would stop thinking I'm insane, or at best eccentric and to be ignored, and start listening and taking defensive measures.

Let's talk timeline, so maybe I'm not so nuts. Hitler had the Reichstag burned to the ground in 1933. WWII started in 1939 and America entered in 1941. By 1945 the war was over. Bush used controlled demolition to bring World Trade Center towers 1, 2 and 7 to the ground in 2001. Six years later, Obama entered the public spotlight. Three years after that is today. I only hope that next year, somehow, we will be able to defeat him. You haven't heard from the mainstream media that his Occidental College documents have finally leaked, and his stated citizenship in their paperwork is Indonesian. So there is the very, very slim chance that that might be true, that he wasn't simply lying in order to receive the Fulbright Scholarship, that a court could be convinced of this, and he could be found illegitimate as President, all laws and executive orders he signed nullified, and he be imprisoned. That's one shot in a million, but it's a live ball, at least for the moment. That's what we have to pray for.

In the mean time, buy guns and gold. Trust me if you ever have, you'll need both much sooner than you think.

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