Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Sampler Platter: the N.W.O. for newbies

This is a copy of an old email sent to personal friends, not a proper blog post, hence the format:

I spent half an hour preparing a sampler platter of articles for you that might convince you that maybe I'm not so crazy after all. Many are from mainstream sources, though not in all cases since I tried to choose the most brief ones, in the interest of your time. But any of these subjects can be entered into Google, the AP web site, the New York Times, the Times of London or of India and many other reputable sources, where you'll find the same information. Again, the things I've told you about are only part of the story, but they are parts which are documented in a hard fashion, none being opinion or rumor.

It'll take you 5-10 minutes to read each article. You're smart enough to do you own further research if any of them interest you, but of course I'm more than willing to help out with pointers if you run into walls.

This is a post from Michelle Malkin, a mainline Hannity/O'Reilly type Republican about the guy I told you about in the car on the way up to Austin. John P. Holdren, Obama's science czar wrote a book along with Paul Ehrlich, Bill Clinton's mentor in college, called Ecoscience. They proposed massive population reduction by forced abortions, one-child policies, removing children from their parents, the use of sterilints and poisons in water supplies, etc. I downloaded a PDF copy of the complete book, which I'll send you if you'd like, but I included a few select page scans in an attached ZIP file so you can read the actual pages if you don't believe me or Malkin.

You can read about Operation Northwoods, a decades old plan prepared by the RAND Corporation, which among other things, suggests hijacking planes under the guise of foreign terrorists and flying them into landmark buildings as a prelude to implementing martial law.

Here is President Bush's Presidential Directive 51, an executive order he signed which allows for the declaration of martial law under any circumstance the president deems to be a national emergency, the suspension of all Congressional powers and oversight, and the nullification of the court system, including the supreme court. It gives the president absolute power for the entire duration of the emergency, as determined by him.

This is a little off the subject, here is Project Shad, in which the Navy subjected unknowing servicemen to tests involving biological and chemical weapons.

Here's a little on FEMA camps, including a list of all known locations. You're lucky - the closest one to you is in Ft. Worth. I only have to be taken a few miles down to Kelly AFB. And if there's overflow, the camp in El Paso will hold 1.1 million people.

This is about REX 84, a document signed by Jimmy Carter that allows FEMA to suspend posse comitatus and use the military inside the U.S. in a national emergency. Keep in mind that when combined with PDD 51 above, the president can then use the military against the American people for any reason -- think a pineapple shortage.

Here are a couple of articles, the second from the New Yorker magazine, the first, if you can believe it, from the Council on Foreign Relations, a top elite globalist group, where it is openly admitted that the U.S. military evacuated top Taliban leaders to a safe location and paid them in gold.

And remember, just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that Obama's science czar didn't write that 95% of us should all be killed.

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