Thursday, February 25, 2010

Naked body scanners and the Technocracy

This is a copy of an old email to friends and not a proper blog post:

Have you guys read that the U.K. is planning to relax their child pornography laws to allow the body scanning of children in airports? And that they plan to store everyone's image so that they can ID people on the streets with low-power, passive scanners by comparing the low-res passive scans with the high-quality active files? I haven't bothered to try to view the full resolution images, but supposedly  the scans are so detailed that you can make out the pores on peoples' noses. So they'll be able to tell if little boys are circumcised or not, and whether girls are still virgins. The whole thing is ridiculous. And there are more articles coming out that the millimeter-wavelength radiation used by these machines is very destructive to DNA, potentially causing cancers. The U.S. allocated 9 billion dollars last year to buy over 210 machines for every major airport in the country and already had the machines built and being delivered when the magic crotch bomber lit his junk on fire on Christmas Day. That was the planned excuse to have the media push for the body scanners. I was watching Fox News and reading Drudge hours after the bombng plot fizzled and there were immediate and widespread calls for everyone to be scanned.

There are concerns that the TSA will become a magnet for peophiles, since the machines give such detailed views of the naked body. And the very fact that the images are not simply placed on screen and then discarded, but stored to dis or flash media means that employees will be able to copy the files if they are unscrupulous and wish to do so. I'm not too hung up on someone seeing me nude, it's not like I'm Chris Norton hot and sessy, but I wouldn't want anyone seeing my wife or kids, much less copying the picture for their personal gratification. And then there's the fact that many high level people in the Obama administration and in the previous one own stock in the companies like L3 Communications that have received billions from the government for this program. Some of the companies' stocks have jumped up by 25% since Christmas. That's motive. And why did the boxer-briefs bomber try to mix the binary agent and detonate the device in his seat when he could have had complete proivacy, and been in a better location in terms of the plane's structure, if he had instead done so in the lavatory? Nothing about the story makes sense from the official line. The FBI has changed their story no less than six times regarding the bomber, the well-dressed man, the man videotaping, and the second man taken into custody when the bomb-sniffing dogs alerted on his bag.

Alex Jones had a very good four hours Tuesday mostly talking about the scanners, if you want to get the podcast and hear the details. The other story, which one of his guests broke, is that an obscure new law has been passed which allows banks and financial institutions, for any reason they wan, to confiscate peoples' and corporations' mutual fund holdings. Jerod, I know you mutual funds, and I imagine both of yu have 401Ks which are invested in mutual funds. I would advise you to get out of them immediately. You know what I'd advise you to invest in instead, but you are now under risk of the complete loss of those investments whenever someone at Bank of America or Goldman-Sachs needs some chicken change to bu out another bank. The brazenness of these people is so stunning that most people wouldn't believe a story like this, even if it were front page on the Wall Street Journal, but it is real. The setup for the complete collapse of the American economy is almost complete. They are holding off collapsing the dollar entirely because we are still dumb enough to let them continue robbing the people to give to their friends. The latest numbers from Bloomberg came out last week, and the amount of money extricated from the American economy and taxpayers and given to the banks is now up to 27.7 trillion dollars. And remember that they can leverage each dollar by a factor of 10 up to 30 or more, meaning that the amount of assets they now have had the opportunity to purchase in the last 13 months is just shy of one quadrillion dollars. I don't recall hearing the term quadrillion before last year. The theft is staggering and it is continuing. But by November, when the election results sweep D.C. and by January, when the new Senators and Reps are sworn in, that is when you must be prepared for the new world monetary situation. They'll probably even hold off killing the dollar for a few months past then, because it will take the new Congress a while to really get going trying to reverse course.

Something that I've only come to understand over the last few months, reversing my previous thought, is that the globalists actually want Americans to engage in an armed resistance. That's why people like me have to be extremely restrained when it comes to deciding when they may have crossed the line in the future. I don't want to ever fire a weapon in anger, and I'd even hate to do so in self-defense. If there are widespread riots or any kind of organized militia-type resistance, that will instantly give them the excuse to implement the martial law powers signed into law by Bush in P.D.D.51. Congress and the courts will be suspended indefinitely, the police will be given military weapons, the military will flood the streets and work in liaison with the civil authorities. Drone aircraft will be used to spy on and attack the people. The Echelon and Carnivore data-mining operations will go into overdrive, with overtime provided by the intelligence agencies of the other English-speaking countries involved with Echelon. Your movements will be traced by homing in on your cell phone's GPS chip, the RFID tag already in your car's registration sticker, and by the traffic cameras now at nearly every urban intersection. Your purchases will be tracked and suspicious activity flagged by computers. Wal-Mart already places RFID chips in nearly every non-perishable item they sell. So if I buy a gun, or a cell phone, or even something harmless like a bicycle and you borrow it, they will be able to track you. If I buy a box of shotgun shells for skeet shooting, a bottle of lighter fluid for a barbecue, and a box of matches for the bathroom, that is flagged and I get a visit from the SWAT team.

You can laugh at me for laying out such a scenario, but I've read it in their own internal documents. Did you hear on MSNBC that our government has just given full and permanent immunity to Interpol and every other foreign intelligence service and law enforcement agency? You've long know that foreign diplomats have immunity, and they've always used it for crime. The U.N. is notorious for being manned by pedophiles. Did you know that Department of State actually has, or had a fund provided for the U.N. for the specific purchase of providing child sex slves. That's not the kind of thing I could make up, it's so unbelievable. Google it. Or that both Dyncorp and Halliburton have been exposed in mainstream American and British media for running child kidnapping rings? These people are so sick that I'm reminded of the scene in Pinnochio where kids pay money to go into a house at the amusement park and smash the place up. Except the globalists don't pay with their own money, they use yours. Wake up. You have elite cadre of allegedly Luciferian pedophiles who have absolute power, total immunity and unlimited funds. They have the media in their pocket, they have advanced technology and weaponry at their disposal, and the level of technical sophistication they now possess means that they want to kill 95% of us. All they need is enough people left to works the farms, fix the robot factories when they need maintenance, and procreate enough to keep the little boys, and rarely, little girls coming down the conveyor belt of child rape. If you are particularly intelligent or physically capable, you're dead. If you're not straight and drop-dead handsome or pretty, you won't make good looking kids, so you're dead. They will create a beautiful, moronic worker class like the Eloy in the Time Machine or whatever book that was.

And they have no problem telling you what they're planning. It's part of the game, because they know that 99%+ of people won't believe it, even if it's laid out in publicly available official documents. They have been poisioning the water for decades with fluoride, which is not one chemical but at least 150 different compounds, as is placed in the Austin metro water system, and up to 300 chemicals elsewhere. Hitler advocated using fluoride in the water in the '30s, for God's sake. Do you think he was worried about the dental health of the Jews? They irradiate food, which at a minimum destroys the nutritive value, and probably causes genetic damage as well. Nearly every commercial food product contains genetically-modified grains and meat, poultry or fish. Yes, it allows the corn to resist fungus, but it also lets them insert virus-like genetic sequences which can insert themselves into your DNA and make you essentially a recombinant, with whatever sequences they wish to insert. This is how cancer viruses cause cancer. They openly discuss placing massive amounts of lithium, Prozac and other psychoactive drugs in the water, and are already doing it. There are dozens of drugs in major metro water supplies already, in levels which scientists say are orders of magnitude greater than that possible just by people passing the drugs in heir urine or flushing pills down toilets. They are also talking about putting stain drugs in the water, and I doubt it's because they want to lower your LDL level.

They're pushing smart-grid technology which will allow them to tell which appliances you are using, allowing them to develop a dossier on your lifestyle and behavior patterns. Using the Magic Bullet several nights a week to make daquiries, you're a drunk and you need rehab. Using the computer and printer too much, you may be a dangerous subversive printing flyers out for the resistance. Spending all day playing the PS3 and watching DVDs, then you're O.K. with them. Then there's the reduction system, errr the education system. We got the last of anything close to decent public education. But I don't even need to go into that -- you already know that today's schools are designed to indoctrinate and not to build competent, free-thinking citizens. I just read a story that many 3-year-olds have not yet spoken a single word. They get to you before you even enter kindergarten now. The TV shows like Baby Einstein and al the other supposedly educational shows have been proven, though less damaging than other programming, to retard intelligence when compared to parents speaking or reading to their children, or even to simply sleeping. There is the curious scientific fact that the 60Hz refresh cycle which both our NTSC television system and 120V AC power grid operate happens to sync with a particular brainwave cycle, and happens to trigger an alpha state in the brain similar to that which occurs naturally when in a dream state, and which renders the mind highly susceptible to suggestion. There is the fact that the government admits having spent hundreds of millions of dollars each year under Bush to buy off story line programming in all the most popular scripted TV shows. Predictive programming. Jack Bauer is our hero, and if he has to torture the son of a terrorist in order to keep a dirty bomb from making people in Cincinnati have a very bad day, then he won't like it, but he'll do it. Same thing in the movies. Remember in Total Recall, when the governor tried to sneak a pistol through the X-ray-like security screen? Except 20 years later, their scanners don't just show your skeleton and illegal weapons, they show the number of hairs on your testicles.

They created, funded and trained Al-Qaeda, on record. They protected Taliban leaders by shuttling them out of country in military aircraft -- Google "Airlift of Evil." Seymour Hersh has written articles about the murder and kidnapping rings the government contracted Blackwater for. A company which has changed its name but continues to operate. Mohammed Atta was trained and educated at a Viriginia Air Force base, as testified to by one of the deans of the college there. Nidal Hassan was allowed to shoot up Fort Hood even though the brass knew for two years that he was planning jihad. The crotch bomber was let onto the Northwest flight despite having no ID, being on the terror watch list, having paid for his one-way flight in cash and checking no luggage for a trip out of the continent. Whose father had notified the FBI, the U.S. embassy and other agencies that his son was planning an imminent attack and begging them to arrest him. This is a government who contracted the RAND Corporation in the '60s to write a report describing how best to bring in martial law while receiving the acceptance of the public. Resulting in the Operation Northwoods document, freely available on the internet, not just the text bus as actual images of the original document in PDF format. Wherein they suggest that the government fake hijackings of jetliners and ram them into skyscrapers. I've no doubt that the only reason they did not specifically recommend the WTC is that the towers were not yet built. You can't make this crap up -- they tried in '93, and would've taken down the one tower, except the patsy van driver forgot his exact instructions to park right up next to his precise location, so instead of breaching the seawall, taking the who building down and flooding nearly all of Manhattan, he mearly blew up some support columns and caused relatively minor structural damage.

Timothy McVeigh, retired Army intelligence, takes out most of the the Alfred. P. Murrah federal building in OKC. With Israeli intelligence agents on the scene. With a middle eastern man on surveillance tape recorded as havin driven the van which McVeigh got out of and which contained the bomb. Except the surveillance tapes from the building itself and those private buildings across the street do not officially exist, even though former FBI agents who reviewed them testify that they were found and are in the custody of the government. Going back in recent history, you have Pearl Harbor, which is now widely accepted as having been foreknown by Roosevelt, if not spawned by him. Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, where it is now officially declassified that LBJ staged the attack as a pretext to escalate the war. The U.S.S. Liberty incident, declassified. False flag operations are nothing new, and they're not even particularly complicated. It's quite simple -- attack yourself and say that someone else did it, then the people will endorse going to war. Hitler burned down the Reichstag to gain power, and years later faked a Polish attack on a German border police station as a pretext to declaring war on Poland. And you have the Operation Northwoods report in the '60s advocating an airliner attack on landmark US buildings. The connection is not a difficult one. Is it more likely that a couple dozen uneducated Saudis, with less than $500,000 in funds, could successfully train (at U.S. Air Force bases) and simultaneously hijack four Boeings 757 and 767, then fly three of them precisely to target, only failing the fourth allegedly because passengers overcame them and nosed the plane into the ground? Or is it more likely that the military-industrial complex wanted a new theater or war in which to profit, then directed their pawns in the government to engage in a false flag operation against its own people? The White House being saved by a stroke of luck, Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center and complicit in the attack making record profits from the insurance claim on the twin towers and on Building 7, which magically collapsed at freefall speed into its own footprint despite not having been hit by either aircraft or by significant amounts of debris?

Do you believe that jet fuel, which burns at far below the temperature at which both the internal structural steel of the WTC towers were built, as well as the external structural beams which formed the fascia of the towers, could melt the steel, causing the towers to fall at freefall speed, while multiple videos shot by news crews show explosions at regular intervals expelling building material outward below each floor as the towers collapsed, and which simultaneously show molten iron spewing out from the points of explosion? Or would it be easier to believe multiple eyewitnesses who report suspicious workmen in the weeks prior to 9/11 planting devices in the elevator shafts and other areas of both towers? There is the fact, as I've previously written to Frank, that Jesse Ventura in his new show interviewed FBI agents who swear to having found three of the four black boxes from the twin tower crashes. Of course, no box was ever officially recovered. They found all three during the first 24 hours, miraculously unscarred and on top of the debris, where also was found, magically, two of the terrorists' paper passports, in perfect condition and not burned or blackened, having fallen over 70 stories in the midst of a firestorm of jet fuel burnin hotter than jet fuel can. Then there is the military-grade nano-particle thermite demolition explosive found in all of the dust and rubble of the towers. A substance not available to anyone except a select few Western counries and the Russians who possess the technology to create it? A substance used by special forces demolition teams because it burns extremely hot, cutting through any metal, even titanium as though cutting through air, and will destroy even the most well-built and heavily-reinforced buildings in the world. There is the curious fact that Dick Cheney personally called NORAD that morning ordering them to stand down and not to send jet interceptors after the planes. And the fact that NORAD found this reasonable because it just so happened that the U.S. military was running a simulation exercise that same morning involving aircraft hijacked fom withing the U.S. crashing into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This is all fact -- Google it if you don't trust me. There are eyewitnesses in Pennsylvania who swear that they saw two F-16s shoot down Flight 93 with air-to-air missiles, and the fact that the debris field was miles long, as if the plane had broken up at altitude, rather than having been flown intact into the ground.

My God, it's all so obvious if you'll just listen and do a little research on your own. 98% is one or two top Google search result pages away. Anything you can't find I can reference for you. We don't have forever until it will be obvious that most of what I've told you is accurate and it will be too late to do anything about it. I didn't just spend two hours writing an email because it's fun. I did it because I feel that with knowledge comes responsibility. Educate yourselves to protect yourselves, and then I'll be able to feel like I've done my duty. Thanks for humoring me.

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