Thursday, February 25, 2010

False Flag in Austin

This is a copy of an email, not a proper blog post:

Background first. On December 8, Alex Jones predicted government attacks in Austin. The globalists are particularly interested in Austin since it is the capital of the only state which might not go bankrupt. There have been false flag attacks in Austin this past year. First the governor's mansion was firebombed, then a bookstore called Brave New Books which carries Jones' materials as well as other subversive material was firebombed. Now the airplane attack. Two days ago Jones related that a high-level Perry campaign insider told him that Perry convened a meeting with his campaign staff listing his top three enemies to be targeted, Debra Medina, Alex Jones and Ron Paul. It is no secret that the Democrats have targeted the Tea Party movement for discrediting and destruction, and they are using their fake-conservative point man Glenn Beck to do it from the right side of the aisle. Glenn Beck has started to warn that the Tea Party people want to assassinate Obama.

The first new report I heard on the radio, at 4:00 this afternoon, I instantly knew what happened. Only three facts were needed to reach that conclusion -- a federal building was hit, the alleged pilot was vehemently anti-government, and that the FBI first ordered the removal of the "suicide note" from the guy's web page and later ordered the entire web site shut down. The cherry on top was that he building was named Echelon, and faces Echelon Street. They throw it in your face. But as the night went on, it got worse. Drudge reported that the FBI in Dallas knew an attack would take place today and sent agents to Austin last night. Now it is reported that the FBI terrorism task force team and local authorities were already on the scene before the plane hit, that they immediately started videotaping the scene and that they confiscated surveillance camera and peoples' private videos from the other buildings in the complex and from nearby apartment buildings.

And look at the videos of the damage to the building. The Piper Cherokee has a gross weight of 2400lbs and was reported to be flying around 175mph at the time of impact, which is higher than the top speed of the base model's engine will allow, but under the 200mph max speed of the plane with uprated engine options. The fuel capacity is 87 gallons and he flew from Waco. I couldn't find figures for fuel efficiency so I'll go conservative and say maybe 75 gallons were in the tanks. So imagine that you have a Honda Civic with one of those dumb looking mufflers traveling at 175 with a full tank of gas and carrying another 60 gallons in jugs in the back seat. Look at that building and ask yourself if such a vehicle could do that. Obviously not, so there must either have been additional fuel, accelerant, incendiary material or a bomb to cause this destruction. The entire building at one time was engulfed in flame and thick black smoke. Of course, if this turns out to be the long shot and it was really was a lone nut cracker software engineer, he could have flown with extra material in the hold or cabin. Or it could have been in the building. I also find it curious that only 1 person in the building was killed and only two injured, when just on that floor there were 199 employees. Perhaps it will come out that they all were called to a meeting in a different building or told to take an early brunch.

Something that Jones pointed out which I might not have thought of was that, according to NIST and their shills at Popular Mechanics, an av-gas fire is hot enough to melt steel and bring the most well-built steel-and-concrete skyscrapers in the world down into their own perfect footprint at freefall speed. And WTC 7 was only hit by a few small chunks of flaming debris, yet managed to catch on fire and happened to fall into its own footprint minutes after the owner said "Let's pull it" and firefighters were heard to say "they're going to bring it down." So Jones asked why this building, when hit with more burning fuel and debris managed to stay upright when it's construction was nowhere near as strong as that of the trade towers. My guess is because they didn't want to have a repeat of the military-grade nanothermite particles being found in the rubble.

Of course this is purely anecdotal, but one of Jones' producers knew the pilot. The guy was in a band and producer Rob subbed in sometimes. That's very weird, since there are 1.5 million people in Austin and Alex only employs something like 8 people. That is an actual coincidence, it's just kind of freaky. Evidently his name didn't ring a bell until the pcture of him playing the bass came out, and then Rob got freaked out, because he hadn't played with the band in years. But he said the guy never discussed politics or the government, IRS or anything like that.

I was right when I told you less than 24 hours after the crotch bomber fizzled that that was false flag government intelligence at work. Less than 24 hours after the Austin attack, I'm saying the same thing. The government now admits it let the crotch bomber on the plane and that the sharp-dressed man was an agent. Later on today, a passenger on another flight tried to open one of the doors, just the latest in a string of at least half a dozen such scenes and unruly passenger incidents since Christmas. And even though the government had nothing to do with either, they will use real accidents like the two small plane crashes yesterday to their P.R. advantage -- the Tesla Motors plane crash in Palo Alto and the crash of another small plane in northern Texas. As I write this inthe first couple hours of the morning news broadcasts, just like on Christmas, there are calls in the media to shut down small airports and to pass laws enforcing the same Orwellian security measures on private aviation which they have emplaced for public air travel, and that has never been considered before. On Christmas, if you'll recall, within the first hour of the news, people were already screaming to install naked body scanners nationwide. Which the government had already purchased 217 of last year, at a cost of dozens of billions of dollars, from companies heavily invested in by current and former high-level Bush and Obama administration minions.

This is all about restricting our Constitutional right to freedom of movement and as a separate but equal goal, to demonize the Tea Party. The RNC has already taken over the parties to a large extent, so the real partiers are splitting off from the fake globalist-controlled people. Glenn Beck is a CIA operative, not an actual agent, an asset. He has screamed and waved that Obama will be taken out by crazed Tea Party fanatics. You know, the patriotic gun-owning, Christian conservative males that the MIAC reports told law enforcement to be aware of. i.e. myself and you guys. They set up this poor guy with the airplane, they could do the same to anyone. And I don't even intend to entertain the more wild and unprovable theories already being flung around, like he was a Manchurian Candidate, or that the government killed him, placed his body in the plane and then remotely piloted it into the building. I don't deal in space aliens, Bigfoots, secret military bases on Mars or JFK is alive in the top floor of Parkland Hospital. All interesting, but if they can't be proven or disproved, they're wastes of time.

This I am no sure about since I have seen no hard evidence and the only circumstantial evidence are Beck's warnings, but I'll relay it to you anyway, in case it happens, is that maybe you'll believe me about this kind of stuff. Evidently the swine flu hoax and crotch bomber weren't enough to gain any credibility. I'm like Avis, I'm the little guy so I have to try harder. Jones believes that the government will stage an fake assassination attempt on Obama or attempt a real one. I have not heard a timeline, but I would guess within the year since he is already a lame duck and his polls continue to sink further and to deeper depths than any president in history, including the widely despised Bush 43. This will be blamed on a patsy from the far right wing, probably an alleged Tea Party member or better yet, city party founder. Or if they can't get one of those, maybe they can find a KKK member to set up, or someone high up in the NRA. Maybe a synergy of all of those.

Whether fake and failed or real and successful, this would allow the government to jump quantum leaps in Homeland Security scope and authority and would also start race riots. That would allow them to bring in the full force of the mlitary to the streets of America. If you actually read my messages, you know that regular military in addition to Guard has been illegally running operation inside our borders, fused with local and state police. Watch Police State 2000 if you don't believe me. The videos are there if you care enough to take the time. Obama or Biden would not need to announce martial law because, as I've told you, thanks to the swine flu and WHO Level 6 we are already under it. We are under U.N. martial law and we are under U.S. martial law ever since Obama declared the flu a national emergency, a power given to him by Bush's Presidential Decision Directive 51. Look it up and read it. Once widespread and open domestic military operations are underway, you can kiss it goodbye, because then you're looking at Mad Max 3. Think Stephen King's The Stand, since a biological release of a bug that actually does something besides give you a sore throat is by far the most efficient method of the 95% world population reduction that Eric P. Holdren wants. Or they could just do it the fastest way and nuke the world, in that case go rent Def-Con 4. Great movie that no one has ever heard of.

You think it's impossible and I don't blame you. I've read their white papers and official internal releases. None of us want to hurt anyone. I don't even want Ahmadenijad dead. Instead life in Supermax for I Can't Believe It's Not Hitler would be my choice. Spray. And all of you pray that not a hair on Obama's head is touched. It would be a very bad thing if he were even slightly injured. Better would be to finish out his term and go to some ivy league cesspool and be the president or Dean or whatever. Best would be if one of the rogue nations not under full globalist control like North Korea would release his birth certificate, and the Supreme Cort to remove him from office, put him in jail an nullify all the laws and executive orders he signed. Let's pray for that. Even if they don't get crap-and-trade, health care deform and amnesty for anyone who doesn't need sunscreen passed, the country can still be destroyed before a true conservative can be elected to the executive. The banksters have full control of the dollar and every other currency -- they are currently propping up both the dollar and the price of gold in order to keep Americans and Europeans asleep, to buy time for Stretch Pelosi and Dirty Harry to attempt the ramming through of those programs. If that happens, they'll pull the dollar like Silverstein pulled WTC 7. If they can't, they'll do what they did in '08, pour billions of dollars into a candidate from the opposite party to the current president, set up a fall guy or Hillary in opposition, and make sure that their guy wins. Right now, it looks like Perry-Palin are being set up to run and win. Unless Medina can defeat Perry in Texas or Palin says something really stupid in her new gig at FoxNews, that's currently the favorite going away.

I know I keep trying to hammer the point away, but they honestly do want most "useless eaters," as Ted Turner put it, dead or at least sterile. Oh, if they have to go plan G, they'll settle for 95% unable to have children. It will be terrible for them having to live for another three generations with so many CO2 producing polluters still befouling their empire, but they think long term. If everyone refuses to die immediately, they'll just make sure they die off. And none of this happens in great starts, obvious to the American Idol idiots. They are very quietly ratcheting each of countless retaining bolts down on us, a quarter-turn at a time. Most people will never detect the slowly increasing pressure, as a frog cannot sense the danger of a slowly heating pot of water. But it's happening and there is a threshold from which we cannot return. The Austin plane attack is the latest gentle turn of the ratchet. If they can get small airports closed and/or convince the people to let the TSA harass privae plane pilots and passengers just like their commercial counterparts, that's one more tiny step towards the total technocratic, military-intelligence command-and-control system that they've wanted for centuries.

These people are sick and have mental illnesses, literally, and there is a reason why. At the very apex of the power pyramid you will find the British and European royal families, and the powerful banking families like the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers. I don't know if the Morgans or Chases followed the formers' pattern, but those ancient families are infamous for inbreeding. Scientists just released a report based on years of DNA study that King Tutankhamen had a club foot and a harelip and other deformities, and that he was most likely a product of mating between his own mother and father. Everyone knows that inbreeding causes not only physiological but also mental and psychological deficiencies. Google Elizabeth Bathory if you've never heard of her. She was an inbred royal who had hundreds of young girls kidnapped and brought to her dungeon, whereupon she would torture and abuse them, finally killing them and drinking their blood. Look it up. And the best, latest theory regarding Jack the Ripper was that he was a deranged royal who was hidden from the public but allowed his exploits and protected from law enforcement. So why is it so hard for you to believe that the current crop of people sitting atop the greatest power structure the world has ever known would shy away from openly planning to kill 95%? This also explains why they do so in a public fashion, and why, usually, even then general outlines of their plans are published. Oh, they're not quite gone enough to publish the actual day-to-day, unit-by-unit orders to the lowest level operatives. Either that or their underlings possessing unadulterated genes censor those without their knowledge. I believe almost nothing that David Eick says -- he's the one who popularized the notion that reptilian aliens were actually the royal and elite banking families, and that Bush is one. Ludicrous on it's face. The one thing he does claim that I absolutely believe to be true is that the inbred royal and elite families have one basic moral underpinning and two basic pleasures. Their moral, or if you prefer, religious underpinning is Satanism, or, more accurately, Luciferianism, as Satan is a Christian version of the much more ancient dark lord. Their first pleasure is the accumulation of power, control, and in a distant third, money. Their second pleasure, or perhaps more precisely stated, their primary hobby, is pedophilia.

The sickest people in the world, wielding the most power ever realized on the planet, have planned terrible things for everyone who is either not smart enough or who doesn't care enough to educate themselves, take protective steps and then try to educate others. We can't save everyone, but we can stop the globalist agenda if you commit enough time and energy to the goal. Three simple things are all that are necessary -- to think, speak, and act.

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