Thursday, February 25, 2010

R.I.P. John Murtha

This is a copy of an old email, not a proper blog post:

I was terribly saddened to hear on the radio the Congressman John Murtha has died. In fact, I was surprised that I actually was glad. I didn't even feel good when Ted Kennedy died, but I'm glad that this verminous sack of fertilizer is gone. He's the one who was the unindicted co-conspirator in the ABSCAM affair of the '80s, he constantly ranked #1 in the amount of pork he netted, he's the one who called his own constituents racist rednecks, and it was he who, based on a false story by the detestable Tim McGirk of Time Magazine, told the world and Al Qaeda that our Marines murdered in cold blood innocent civilians in Haditha. It took years and millions of dollars, but thanks to Michael Savage, all of the eight except for Colonel Jeffrey Chessani have been fully exonerated. Make no mistake about it, Chessani was found innocent once, the rats in the Pentagon and the shameful George Bush ordered an appeal, during which he was found innocent again. Now the treacherous enemy operative Iraq Hussein Osama has ordered another retrial through his mindless minions in the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It's sickening. And they haven't stopped persecuting American heroes. Do a Google search for "Lieutenant Behenna." If you can spare $20 do what I did and contribute to his legal defense fund. A systematic demoralization campaign is in full swing against our military. Combined that with a determined effort to decrease our current and future capabilities and you begin to see the big picture.

Obama has canceled ballistic missile defense, even though it has proved greatly effective in tests. He canceled production of the F-22A Raptor, the greatest air superiority fighter ever designed, quoting out of control costs for production and higher than acceptable maintenance costs. Never mind that he let the banksters steal $28 trillion in the first year of his presidency, or that he lets Congress maintain our debt by increasing the debt ceiling in $2 trillion increments. The F-14 Tomcat was taken offline because it was expensive and time-consuming to maintain, even though it still is the most capable fleet defense interceptor known. The Peanut President canceled the B1-A bomber. Only because of Ronald Reagan do we now enjoy the world's most capable supersonic bomber. The B2-A Stealth might be fine for bombing naked targets like those in Baghdad, but if you want to go downtown in Tokyo, you call the B1-B. Meanwhile all the administrations have continued to support the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor craft for the Marines, even though it has been a deathtrap in testing on an equal footing with the British Harrier VTOL attacker, the deadliest aircraft in history. They've canceled development of advanced personal rifles and body armor, APCs and ew technologies for armor plating of Army offensive vehicles. They canceled Boeing's stealth helicopter, the Comanche, after pouring billions of dollars into development and testing. They had actual flying prototypes which outperformed anything currently in American, Russian, European and Israeli inventory.

I could go on, but this is a small sample of the treason which has been inflicted on our military. Ask yourselves why our main heavy bomber is still the Buff. It first became operational in 1954. The USAF plans to use the airframes for 30-40 more years, albeit with systems upgrades. Why are they still flying 30+ year old F-15, F-16 and F-18 airframes? Why is our main refueling craft based on the C-130 and first flown in 1957? Why is the other refueling plane a modified McDonnell Douglas DC-10, debuting in 1981? Everyone thinks the F-117A Nighthawk is the best fighter in the world. It is not even a fighter -- it has no cannon or air-to-air missile capability. It is a subsonic stealth ground attack craft designed in the '60s and first flown in the '70s. People think the B2-A Stealth is a great bomber, and it does have tremendous range and decent payload, but also has no defensive weapons and relies on its shape and surface coating to avoid enemy radar.  Neither plane can get past the current generation of Russian radars or air-to-surface missiles.

Think about the trajectory of technology we've witnessed in our lifetimes. When you were born, a Radio Shack TRS Model II was state of the art, with 8KB of memory and a green screen. And it cost thousands of dollars. Right now, I'm holding a brand new iPod Touch with 32GB of memory, a processor millions of times faster and a very nice OLED backlit screen. Extrapolate that to anything else in the technical world you want. Stereo systems, televisions, telephones, whatever. So why are we still flying airplanes half a century old and expecting them to last for a full century? It's not hard to figure out. I wish more people could think for themselves.

In other news, even CNN now admits that the government illegally takes DNA samples from all babies born in hospitals or clinics without informing their parents. They only got it partially right, as usual -- it's not limited to a few states but to all of the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Each country has its own repository. Ours is half an hour from your house in a building on the U.T. campus. They've been doing this for the last 37 years. You, Kate and I and all of our friends are in there, so are everyone's kids. And the purpose is for research, that's true, but not for disease research, at least that was not the primary purpose. The government's own documents state that the DNA samples will allow them, in sufficient time (from 37 years ago, it's probably already happened), to develop individual-specific bioweapons for assassinations and race-specific weapons for genocide. It may or may not be this sort of program which caused the mysterious, sudden cancer that took the life of Ken Lay just after he went to prison, and so many other people who've died from inexplicable, sudden-onset cancers, heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, hemorrhagic fevers and all the rest. I don't know and we never will. But this topic is of particular interest to me since I know a bit about molecular genetics. It certainly is theoretically possible and not terribly difficult when we have high-speed automatic gene sequencers and computer-controlled DNA and RNA strand assembly machines. I was making genetically-modified bacteria and viruses in high school in tha pilot course in Biotechnology I took. Altering genetics is easier than assembling a bicycle, literally. The difficult part is coming up with the correct nucleotide sequence and a proper vector. But if they have your complete genome on a computer database, it wouldn't be that hard to tell a bacteriophage to attack a unique 64-base-pair sequence in your DNA. Well, you probably wouldn't be the only person to have it, but if it happened to spread and kill another person or two, no big deal, bonus points, in fact. There would be no way for even the best forensics people on the planet to tell what had happened, unless they put a sample of your blood in an electron microscope and ran full genomes on every single cell type, human, bacterial, viral and fungal. Impossibly expensive and time consuming, probably could not be done with civilian technology.

There are limits to my insanity. I'm not suggesting that the government has sequenced everyone's genomes for the last 37 years and have it in a giant storage system. What I do believe is that they have the frozen blood 20 miles from your house, and if there's someone they really, really want dead who proves to be particularly difficult to get to by conventional means, this is something they could resort to. It has probably been used only a handful of times, if ever, and would also be expensive and time consuming. It would come out of Ft. Detrick and all an operative would have to do to kill you is to spread an invisible sample on your car door handle, or your front door knob, or on a piece of mail sent to you.

And by the way, the House just passed their Cybersecurity Act, and the Senate version is even worse. Doubtlessly without reading it, like all these other monstrosities. Look it up. You will need a driver's license style permit to access the Internet, and every byte of your traffic will be monitored, stored and logged in a database by the NSA. This is the globalist system of control of free speech. and are banned nationwide in China and in large swaths of Australia, New Zealand and Britain, as is Youtube, where Jones' films have hundreds of millions of views. I'm not sure how they're ding it, but even with VPNs, people in those areas are having great difficulty accessing the sites. They must be using DNS spoofing, which dovetails with last year's gift of the ICANN DNS authority to the U.N. Do you see how multifaceted all this is? The average person would never be able to synthesize a coherent theory of the global command and control structures from stories as seemingly unrelated as hospitals taking DNA and the House passing a benevolent bill to punish hackers and copyright violators. I guarantee that's what you'll read in the Statesman. Everything doublespeak. I've no doubt the RIAA will use it to throw me in jail for 666 lifetimes for downloading the new Satriani Live album, but that's not the real purpose. Look it up for yourself. This bill will end the Internet as we know it. And if the net is taken away, that's the canary in the coal mine. Then it's the gun confiscation and that's the beginning of the end.

I wish people would pay attention. I can't carry all of us. The next mental block I need to work on with you guys is the aversion to sharing the information with other people. I think you'd be surprised by how receptive people are, as evidenced by my little Xbox car experiment. To quote NIN, most people are ready for another version of the truth, but the media has them blindfolded in a darkened room and the only door is on the ceiling, so people need a little help finding the way out. Once they're free and clear, your work is done -- they'll do the rest of the work themselves. If you don't want to talk to your neighbors or friends, do what I did at Christmas and anonymously leave DVDs on their doors or in their mailboxes. But please consider some kind of activity. I really think we're directly on the center of the fulcrum right now. The globalists are shifting their massive weight slowly towards one end. We're lightweight in comparison but we can move much faster. Our chances of tipping the thing are equal, the odds have never been better. I can't remember the exact Thomas Jefferson quote that Jones likes to cite. Something to the effect that, in the beginning patriots are rare because it is unpopular to be one. At the end everyone calls themselves one because it is the trendy thing. You know more history than I do. Think about how many civilizations have come and gone, and why. We're about to become as esoteric to anyone who might still be alive a millennium from now as the Toltecs or the Anasazi are to us now. Survey a thousand people on the street and see how many know who those two peoples were. Ask a thousand people who Adam Lambert and Simon Cowell are and you'd get over 90%.

And did you see the Stupor Bowl commercial from Audi about the Green Police, to the tune of "The Dream Police?" Predictive programming. If you missed it, check it out on Youtube. Everywhere, predictive programming pervades all forms of media. We're living in 1983, about to roll into 1984. George Orwell was not born George Orwell, it's a pseudonym. He was a high level operative in British Intelligence, he read their internal documents and wrote the novel as a warning to future generations. He was largely correct but missed the date by about 30 years. One of the slogans on my Xbox cars is "Educate yourself, protect yourself." I can't think of more concise message. OK, I'm done preaching for tonight. As a very tall dude once said, thank you, or I'm sorry, whichever you prefer.

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