Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Austin gun show news

This is a copy of an old email and not a proper blog post:

Yeah, well yesterday Austin authorities paid another visit to HEB and threatened them, so now there will be no more gun shows in Austin, at least at any building listed by HEB. And today, just in time as always, a guy fired shots at the Capitol building. Possibly a nut, more like either provocateured or straight up intel op. We don't have enough information yet. If it turns out that the guy is ex-military, was ever in a mental institution or had previously made threats with nothing being done to him, that's when you know it was staged

I was surprised at Brown's election as well. ACORN was in the house, as were the Black Panthers, and you know that some electronic and physical ballot fraud was taking place. The polls just before the election all had him up by at least 9 points, so my feeling is that probably Brown won by 10-12 and they stole 5-7 points back. Usually a five point steal is enough to swing the result, but people were so pissed off this time that the amount they could steal was insufficient. Another possibility is that Brown came on so rapidly from being 30+ points down in November that they didn't have time to erect the infrastructure necessary for large scale fraud. Remember that Massachusetts hasn't had a Republican Senator for over 60 years. I think the last was Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. in '46 or '48. Dems outnumber Repubs 3:1 there now, with a large portion claiming Independent as well. It was the brazenness of Pelosi saying "We'll do this anyway, " and one other who I can't remember saying that they'd use reconciliation to pass it with 50 votes. Plus that woman was a terrible candidate. She just kept putting her foot in her mouth time and again; if she'd shut up and just waited the thing out she might have won.

But we must be even more careful now because I think I can say that Obama is now a lame duck, as are both the Senate and the House. Even more so if they floor this thing and try even harder with the fast-track cram-down. What I'm worried about, and as usual, what no one else is paying attention to, is that last month Obama signed en Executive Order ordering preparations for a wide scale biological attack. I've already told you that under PDD51, signed by Bush, the President can order martial law, suspend Congress, the courts and all laws and treaties whenever a national disaster is declared, that being literally whatever he defines one to be. And I've told you that under U.N. treaty, we are already technically under martial law due to the Level 6 pandemic declared by the WHO last year on account of the billions of people who have succumbed to the deadly H1N1 flu. The table is set for a crackdown. The food has arrived and the candles have been lit, and all the major players have their name cards behind their plates. I'm not saying anything will happen before the elections, but just pay attention. If there is another "terrorist" attack, or another "failed" attack, a string of shootings, or anything like that in this country, you'll know what's going on. Likewise if Israel and Iran go at it finally.

We've had remarkable successes in the last year, but unfortunately because of that we're in even greater danger, because a cornered animal is more dangerous than one running free. We killed Copenhagen. They just announced today that the U.S. has not signed the "letter" that was the pathetic substitute for the global takeover treaty the conference was supposed to produce. Tey also announced that there is no longer a timetable for signing the letter. That was 100% Climategate leak, Alex Jones, Viscount Lord Monckton, people like me, and then the dumbass statements by people like Herman von Rompuy stating that "2010 will be the first year of global government." Ban Ki-Moon writing an article naked pressing for immediate world government. The arrogance is astounding. A couple days ago the head of the WHO himself released a statement saying that the entire swine flu affair was a complete farce and going on to say that there never was any danger, except from the vaccine itself, and further stating that the entire thing was a scam to give billions of dollars to the major biotech companies. Where did you hear all that, back around your birthday, when we were driving in your car.? Oh yeah, I laid that out as one of the scenarios. Not because I'm smart but I listen, read and watch.

Brown won. Crap-and-trade is in serious jeopardy, as are future bank bailouts. Ron Paul's bill to audit the Fed passed the House and will either narrowly go down in the Senate this year or be passed by the next Senate. When that happens, it's all over for the banksters, and that's when you have to go onto absolute red alert for your family. If the Fed is audited, which will take some time, I've no idea how long, you'd have a better idea than I since you used to audit people like that fat guy at your old office. But when the audit is complete, if it is even allowed to complete, the American people will demand the abolition of the Fed and the recreation of a true national banking system with open financing and leadership who are accountable and do not conduct business in secret. And when that happens, the globalists will throw the switch on the military-technological total control grid they've been building since 1933. That's when people start being trucked Bergen-Belsen style to the FEMA camps -- I believe I included in a previous email a link with the locations of known camps and their capacities. There's one just miles from me -- how far will you have to ride? Or if enough people resist that, they'll send in the SWAT teams, Army, Marines and their specal forces. If that doesn't work out so well because enough people have guns and are using them, they'll send the Air Force. After that, they'll sit back and use Predator and Reaper drones. Then will come chemical weapons, then tactical nukes, then strategic nukes. And for the stragglers who are left scattered here and there like in your Fallout game, they'll use biologicals. Not because a few hundred thousand injured and starving people are any longer a threat, but because they're sadists.

I really wish you could shake your learned paradigm and believe that last paragraph, though I fully realize it sounds unbelievable and insane. I'm actually very impressed by the rate at which you're learning -- it took me probably 3 or 3.5 years to go from Bushbot to always keeping one eye open. Soon, if you pay close attention to predictions vs. actual events, you will be caught up to me. And I have no doubt you'll surpass me and then you can warn me about things. Thanks as always for reading my speeches. I feel like I be giving them subject like De Rerum Novum Ordinis Seclorum and honestly I feel like a total asshat every time I write to you or Frank about this stuff. I'd rather just order pizza and play Xbox, but I feel like my purpose and duty is to help wake you all up before it's too late. We have an ever increasing, recently, chance of beating these people and putting them in prison, but you have to wake up the other people in your circle, and they theirs, quickly, in order to do it.

I saw a funny thing tonight. You know how I've been selling Infowars cars on Xbox Live? Tonight I saw a response car from someone in the U.K., whose design was far inferior to mine. Probably had never used the paint editor before, looked like second grade material. But it said "Gordon Brown Rules," "Up with the Globalists," "The NWO Rocks," and "I hate Penguins." And then he says "Screw You B.Justice." My gamertag is BufordTJustice. I thought that was so cool. I pissed someone off enough that they tried out the paint editor. I wrote him a complimentary message and invited him to debate me. He won't. I have sold around 1100 cars and given away about half as many. I made so much money, even though it was never my purpose, that the counter went up to 999,999,999 and then stopped but the money still accrued, just could not be displayed. That one stayed there, but one on a secondary screen went back down to 0, then to -999,999,999. Then both returned to zero, at which point the gamer thought I actually was penniless. That was last week. This is Thursday and I now have built back 433 million. Now many users have bought or been given more than car, but I estimate that 500 people have my cars, and 4-5x as many have seen them in the auctions or on the track. I've had four people send me flames. None has bothered to debate. This tells me that people are ready to listen, learn and protect themselves. People from the U.K., Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, France, Italy and China have bought my cars. The message is universal. So if you are afraid to talk to some of your co-workers or friends, think again, because people know that things are very wrong and are receptive to the truth. It's only if enough brave people who know the agenda are willing to stick their necks out, risk derision and get active that we can return this country back to the true representative republic that has been systematically dismantled since the founding fathers died. It's not that hard to find all of this out. Less Wii and more WE THE PEOPLE. That's good -- I made it up on the fly because I couldn't think of anything rhyming with Xbox or Playstation. See, I can still have a laugh now and then.

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