Thursday, February 25, 2010

High-fructose corn syrup is poisoned

This is a copy of an old email and not a proper blog post:

Mainstream news, Washington Times, not Alex Jones. 55% of high fructose corn syrup brands have been found in a university study to contain dangerous levels of mercury. Do you think it accidentally got added to the HFCS for years on accident, an that the FDA approved it for sale? If you wonder why the average American is so dumb and (a)pathetic, it's because of things like this. Mercury in food and soft drink syrup, mercury in your vaccines, mercury in your fish. Fluoride in the water and toothpaste. Dangerous levels of anti-depressants in municipal water supplies. Hormones in beef, pork and chicken. GMO chimera crops and animals that contain genes from other species, potntially cancer-causing. And now they've just started a TV ad campaign that corn syrup is healthy for your children.

It seems like every day another one of their death by a thousand papercuts is uncovered. Within our lifetimes they'll put the paper away and bring out the swords and really start cutting the population down. I really wish you both would watch Endgame, because I know you don't believe the eugenics part yet. It's not really eugenics, it's genocide, but that's what they call it to put a nicer face on it. Watch that and 2.5 hours later you'll be 90% caught up to where I am on this issue, it's really easy to do, just finding the time is the harder part.

I just wanted to let you know about the corn syrup thing so you can look at the labels on your favorite products. I'd already started transitioning from soda to tea, but now I'm going to try going 100% tea and water. I already know I'm not as smart now as I was when I was in high school, and I thought it was from the years of taking antidepressants, but now I'm wondering how much the food and drink issues played a part in that. Last Christmas I went to the Wal-Mart in Richmond to get a gallon of bottled water and whatever else. I saw one of the major brands like Ozarka with a label I hadn't seen before, and it wsa like 30% more expensive than all the others. It was labeled either Baby Water or Infant Water. And I had to look very closely to see what made it special water for babies. Added fluoride. How nice, since fluoride is listed as a drug and a toxic one by the FDA. I think I've told you guys about the drug warning label on the back of any box of toothpaste, it's there because of the fluoride. So they put even more fluoride in the special, expensive baby water, knowing that parents ho care about their kids will want them to drink the water that's so much better for them.

It's that kind of in-your-face but at the same time, camouflaged chicanery that you must pay attention to. They want people dumbed down, submissive, passive, distracted and inactive. And they hate children even more than the rest of us. But they are very scared of the rest of us right now, because of the actions of those of us who know their plans. We derailed the Copenhagen 2% annual GDP tax and their 2% tax on every financial transaction -- that was not supposed to be possible. Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve passed the House, and while it's gaining support in the Senate, it probably won't pass this year but will probably in the next session after November. The cap-and-trade and health care House bills are barely alive in the Senate. There are calls for the prosecution of those involved in Climategate, and just today the WHO publicly admitted that the swine flu pandemic alert and rollout of the vaccine was both botched and unnecessary. All of these things are happening in our favor, but not because of luck, they're happening because people like me are waking more of people like you up, and you're joining the fight and getting active yourselves. I don't think either of you deny that at least part of my theories are true, so if you can find time to inform yourselves and then others, you'll have done everyone a noble service.

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