Thursday, February 25, 2010

On water posoning

This s a copy of an old email to friends, not a proper blog post

The reason that water is being poisoned is that it is the one thing above any else that the body needs to survive. The only thing -- if you're in a coma in the hospital, you don't need to ingest any food. All they need to is give you an IV of water with electrolytes and glucose added. No, tea will not help you avoid the mercury in the water itself, but you will avoid the additional dose of mercury added to the corn syrup. Bottled water is not any better because the plastic compound for virtually all beverages is BPH, which leaches estrogen-mimicking chemicals that cause cancer

There is only one way to obtain clan drinking water which you can be assured of lacking poisons, and that is by buying an atmospheric water generator. They are very expensive. They condense the humidity from the air into drinkable fluid. The best ones are from a company called EcoloBlue, and last time I checked their base model, which produces 7 gallons per day, cost $1000. That's too rich for my blood, but if I were you I'd consider it. You probably spend two or three times that much for each cruise of ski vacation. Seven gallons per day would be enough for your family's cooking and drinking needs. Mercury does enter the body through skin contact, though at a lower percentage than through ingestion. So you would still get some during baths and showers, but not much.

I don't have the detailed medical knowledge about the effects of mercury that you want. Visit the CDC or FDA for that. But it is a potent neurotoxin which transverses the blood-brain barrier, accumulates in the brain and stays there for life, with levels constantly building. There's a reason that a simply oral thermometer is loaded with poison warnings. You'll intake more than that during a lifetime drinking municipal water and eating GMO food.

I'm in a dilemma with these materials. My frosted side wants to protect your happiness and sanity by not telling you about this stuff, but my whole-grain side thinks you need to know for the sake of your kids. For everything I've already told you about there's at least that much more I haven't. The entirety is not something that the average person can accept. It's kind of kind of like snake handlers who, over years, take increasing amounts of cobra venom to build up an immunity. If you knew the whole truth you'd go into shock and likely die, in a spiritual sense, but if I slowly try to acclimate you, we might have a fighting chance. I know you're strong enough to handle it -- I just have to get the timing right. Fortunately I've always had good rhythm.

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