Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bill All That You Can Be (In the Army)

Purple Heart Soldier Billed $3000 for Missing Equipment

I don't even need to say anything to augment the outrage you will feel upon reading this story. But as usual i can't seem to shut up, so... The government is doing everything it can to tear down the U.S. military because it, along with the patriot citizens, have the will, the equipment and the skills to bring them to justice. They are doing their damndest to demoralize the military, and have succeeded. They are crucifying 1LT Michael Behenna for PUNCHING a terrorist in the stomach. That's correct -- not killing, but punching. He's still in federal prison awaiting trial. Look him up, it's a tragic story.

But it's not a unique story. So now you have this -- a soldier gets shot, is recommended by his CO for a Purple Heart, is awarded that great medal, and then gets an envelope in the mail from the kind, loving government for which he fought. For $3000, no less, which, at the pay scale of a soldier is nothing at which to sneeze. The verminous Pentagon officials whose greatest battles have been against the buffet in their cafetoria persecute the real soldiers, the real heroes with a zeal that is truly amazing.

Oh, but now that this travesty came to the attention of the media, what do you know? Story update -- he no longer owes the money. Funny, that. Free speech is almost dead, and the globalists are doing their best to clamp off every remaining vein. But as long as there is still a capillary open the truth will be available for those who care to find it.

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