Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Robert "Third" Reich Says Obama Should Nationalize BP

I wrote from the very beginning of the oil rig "accident" that the government blew it up in order to achieve three goals -- destroy the economy, gain a public mandate for increasing EPA crackdowns, and then, possibly to attempt to take over the oil companies. Not so that they get more power and more money, certainly not -- for our "safety." So here you have this little midget Reich, a nobody when he was somebody in Clinton's cabinet, firing the first test flare in the media. So tonight you will see AC/DC Cooper on CNN and on MarxistSocialistNBC, Rachel Madcow and Keith Overblown and Hardball Matthews and whoever that guy is on the Mister Ed show all clamoring for Soetoro to take over BP.

I don't believe that will happen, at least not in terms of an actual takeover. They may publicly announce it but it would likely be a smokescreen because BP is owned and controlled largely by the Queen of England, and she is at the very top of the globalist power pyramid. Soetoro, to put it in a military analogy, is like a 1-star general. He is in command of the day-to-day operations but the overall strategy comes down from above him. Continuing the analogy, the people who own the largest corporations and banks are the 2- and 3-star generals. The Bilderbergers are the 4-stars, and Queen Elizabeth along with the Rothschilds and the other old-blood European royal families and banking families are the people who tell all the little generals like Soetoro what to do.

So no, it would shock me if the United States actually took real control of BP. Now I must note that Reich wrote that Barry should implement "temporary receivership," but when has government given up any sort of power or control once it has seized it? If anything, the government may be testing to see if the people would allow them to use their custom-made "crisis" to nationalize our domestic oil companies, a la Hugo Chavez. Because polls have showed strong resentment at the nationalization of the financial industries and auto companies after those dominoes fell. Or, this conversation may be started in the media and bandied about for a week or two, then dropped, simply as yet another delaying tactic.

Look what they're doing. First the caps, domes and all the first "attempts" at containment conveniently failed. Then they shot their junk shot wads and those failed to satisfy. More domes, nothing. Then the dangerous top-kill thing for a couple days, starting and stopping to "observe" the "results." Then when it appeared that the mud might accidentally stem the flow, the government suddenly ordered BP to stop, sending in their lawyers, saying that it was too dangerous. And now, mysteriously, there are no less than three miles-wide plumes all originating from different locations and drifting to different destinations.

Is it possible that two other wells mysteriously failed in a similar fashion to that of the Deep Water Horizon? I don't know. I know nothing about ocean currents, so I suppose it's possible that the one drift could be split underwater and flung apart in three directions, but this is a recent phenomenon, only a week old or so. It's in the mainstream news that they have been lying, err "underestimating" the flow rate so as not to further enrage the public. But now they've sent their enviro lawyer agents down to the coast and are prohibiting local and state agencies as well as individuals from doing anything to clean up the oil washing up on their property.

And hundreds of thousands of gallons per day are still being permitted to spew into the Gulf, and BP is still poisoning the water with tens of thousands of gallons of Corexit each day. And guess what -- it just so happens to be the start of hurricane season. I'm going to throw this out here as total, wild speculation. If a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane just so happens to hit the oil slicks in a month or two, and maybe just so happens to steer one of the flows to the port in Galveston or any other major Gulf port, you'll have a clue what maybe happened. I'm not one of the people who thinks that HAARP caused the earthquake in Haiti, Let's get that straight. But it seems to have the capability to do things similar. Clinton's SecDef William Cohen admitted that weather weapons exist in a

Quote: "...engaging even in an
eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off
earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic

Look what happened to Iceland right after they voted to refuse to pay the ransom that they banksters were demanding. Notice what Cohen said about volcanoes? The first one is still blowing ash clouds daily into the sky, and now the geologists say that a much bigger one is getting ready to blow. Now everyone knows that Iceland is one of the most geologically active regions on Earth, so volcanoes erupt all the time. Just the size of the problem and the interesting timing caught my attention. Some people think that Hurricane Katrina was at least steered, if not augmented in strength, if not created entirely by HAARP or any of it's 71 similar installations around the globe. Richard C. Hoagland, a former NASA scientist, space adviser to Walter Cronkite and science adviser to Coast-to-Coast AM wrote in 2005 about the possibility of Katrina being used as a weapon. I'm on the fence on that and leaning towards it being natural, but no one would argue that the government "botched" its response. You can find video of the authorities refusing to let people flee across a bridge in New Orleans. FEMA kept all relief supplies out the city for days. You can call it a botched job -- I call it an operation.

So again, the subject of weather weapons is off topic, but I just wanted to enter the possibility of another "perfect storm" hurricane steering the oil straight into a major port. Since hurricanes approach from the southeast and track northwest one on out national radar, they would be perfect to slime the areas of the Gulf coast, like Texas which, due to ocean currents, currently should not expect to receive much oil, if any. Pure speculation on my part, maybe a 10% chance that they would do that. This disaster is already going so well for Soetoro's controllers that it might not be necessary. They're already calling this the largest natural disaster in American history, and that's with the cooked figures on the amount of oil and toxic dispersants and God knows what else is getting into the water.

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