Friday, June 4, 2010

Sleight of Hand

Government Jobs are 95% of all New Jobs

If you listen to Barry and his laughable spokesmouth Robert Gibbs, the economy is on the uptick. Look at all the new jobs they've created with their $700+ billion dollar "Stimulus Package." After all they guaranteed Congress and the American people that the unemployment rate would not rise above 8.0%, no not never not never. We hit 10% according to the cooked government number a couple months ago. Now it is all the way down to 9.7%. But they have many tricks to make things seem better than they are, or less catastrophic, to me more accurate.

They don't count the underemployed, people who are forced to work part-time when they wish to work a full schedule. People that are losing their homes and cars because they can't get enough hours to keep up with their bills. They don't count people who have been on unemployment but whose benefits have run out and who still have no work. And they don't count everyone who has simply given up looking for a job -- say families that used to have two incomes but now only one works because they can scrape by on a single paycheck.

The government has another internal statistic whose name I can't recall, but which takes these factors into account. Last I heard it was over 22%. And I heard something on the radio yesterday that I won't say I couldn't believe, because most government numbers are unreliable if not doctored directly -- the Census has been hiring people, letting them go, hiring them back one week later, and those people are counted as new jobs created. And the government, mostly Census workers at this time of the year, has accounted for 95% of all new jobs.

So how many real, new jobs have been created? You'll never get the real number, but look around at all the small businesses that are closing. Ask your friends, neighbors, even strangers. People are willing to talk about this subject because everyone is being squeezed. Everyone except government workers, banksters and people who work for the large national and multinational corporations who have paid off the Soetoro administration. Certainly no one at Goldmine's-Sac or General Eclectic is hurting. No one who belongs to the big unions is finding themselves homeless and on the street.

I honestly believe that if Barry had his choice he would nationalize all industries so that, effectively everyone who worked for a large company would in effect be working under him. Only mom-and-pop type shops would still be free, but the restrictions and taxes would be ramped up to such a level that almost none could exist. But this should come as no surprise to anyone. Remember the wonderful Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in whose church Barry sat for over a decade? The who said, ", no, no -- God DAMN America!" And the congregation hooted and cheered. The man is a naked socialist who wants to destroy as much freedom and wealth in the private sector as he can during his short, virtual dictatorship, assisted by Nancy Lugosi and and that wretch Reid.

I don't pretend to know the nuanced differences between Communists, Marxists, Leninists, Socialists, Stalinists and all the other similar labels that have been applied by conservatives and independents to "Obama." The term itself is unimportant, because they all share the same underlying philosophy -- nothing for the people everything and everyone for the government. It echoes eerily the credo of La Raza -- "For The Race, everything, for those not of The Race, nothing." Because La Raza was founded and is funded by Communists of one variety or another. More on them later. First they took over the educational institutions, then the media, and now we have what we have inside the Beltway. McCarthy was right all along, history will show, assuming we win and history books are allowed to be written to tell the truth.

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