Wednesday, June 2, 2010


CIA Mines Facebook Data

Everything you post on Facebook, all of your pictures and videos is being data-mined by the government. All of your internet activity is tracked, traced and databased but Facebook is especially appealing for them because it gives the intelligence community a very concise overview of your personality and activities. There are now more Facebook identities than there are people on Earth, so many people have more than one Facebook identity. Those of them are even juicier because they tend to use their alternate logins to express facets of themselves which they wish to hide from their regular friends.

Just remember the next time you feel like posting a racy photo or feel like writing an explicit message -- it is all recorded. Every single byte that comes in through your Internet connection and every byte that goes out. Everything. It's all sorted through and stored in giant NSA computer centers like the multi-million dollar new installation here in San Antonio. And while they spy in everything you write, the NSA does not like being spied upon -- that why, when WOAI TV tried to videotape the building, from a public road, they were escorted away by security.

So be very careful. Or, if you want to be proactive, create a new Facebook page, or several, and post random clippings of text from the net, upload random photos copied from the web, random videos. Throw a primate ratchet into their well-oiled spy machine. Overload them with false information, giving them a taste of their own.

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