Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thine Cap Overfloweth

New BP Cap Captures Only Small Fraction of Flow

A shocking surprise. Another BP failure. Does it not strike any of you as odd that more oil is escaping the well now than in the minutes after the explosion? Whatever caused the explosion, even if you don't believe that any malfeasance was involved, you cannot deny this fact. More than six weeks in, after junk shots, top kills, top hats, diamond saws, containment domes, now this new alleged cap, more oil is entering the open water per hour, per day, and if the latest stories floated in the media bear out, per year.

Why have all the "efforts" at "containment" not reduced the flow rate by one gallon per hour, but increased the rate by something like 20% (and that's the public guess entered into the record by BP)? I'll tell you what I think -- because when the computer simulations came in that forecast the oil flow to escape the near-circular confines of the Gulf of Mexico and travel all the way up the East Coast while hugging that coast, it was decided that the flow must continue until enough was in the water to make it up to Maine. The government has calculators and nerds who know how to use them. At the precise moment when just enough oil has leaked to contaminate the entire Eastern seaboard, you will see an instant and miraculous fix put in place, a heroic effort against all odds. They'll probably give the CEO of BP next year's Nobel Peace Prize for finally cutting off the geyser.

And the Soetoro administration is already openly saying that this situation must be used to pass their crap-and-trade total economic takeover bill ASAP. That meaning before November, when the Democrats and fake conservative Repubics will get their collective ass handed to them by the American voters. But there is a more frightening possibility that I just thought of as I am typing this -- G.W. signed an executive order giving the president absolute power and the ability to dismiss the House and Senate in the event of a national emergency. And in the same document he gave himself and now Barry S. the power to declare literally anything the president should deem to be a national emergency as a national emergency. So, for example, if Barry can't get on the phone the pizza chef that he flew in to the White House with his famous dough in tow to fly back in and bake another pie, he can declare that an emergency and declare martial law.

Of course I'm being ridiculous to point out how extreme that executive order is. Not even Barry is bold enough to do something like that, but I was not exaggerating. Literally anything can be declared an emergency by the president, then martial law and no more Congress. I would certainly classify this oil operation as a national emergency. There is no doubt that it is a regional disaster already, and if the oil does indeed escape Florida and spread up along the East Coast, yes, there is no doubt that would be a national emergency.

I think they're keeping their options open, waiting and watching the polls. As long as it still looks like at least one house of Congress will fall to the Republicans, the oil will keep flowing. If the media can somehow persuade the public that the oil slick is being caused directly by George Bush and Dick Cheney and funded by Halliburton, and if they think they might have a chance in November, maybe all of sudden it will stop, and the sheople will thank Barry for his leadership by re-electing the liberals. But that's almost unthinkable, without direct vote fraud via Diebold machines. Barry and Pelosi have damaged the country to such an extent that even wack-job envirolibs know things are headed south, and at a rapid clip.

So they'll continue to give you the fix o' the week from BP, each of which will continue either to do little, do nothing, or increase the flow rate, as the wonderful saw-and-cap incident did earlier this week. This has the potential to be more than a perfect storm. It very well may be the opening gambit in the globalist endgame to take total control of the American people. And these sociopaths don't mind losing a few pawns, such as we the American people, or even castles like Pelosi and Reid, or even a knight like Soetoro. They don't care if anything is left on the board except their own king and possibly queen, but she is expendable as well. That's what they have child kidnapping rings for.

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