Thursday, June 3, 2010

You're a Filthy Racist!!!

So says the government -- but only, of course, if you are white and middle class.

Every radio station must donate a certain number of minutes of free advertising per week to public information ads. Usually, especially on AM talk radio (the most lucrative stations) you will hear none of these during the day or the evening drive time slots. They are almost invariably lumped together in the midnight-5:00AM hours, when most programming is either replays or less popular shows. But the last year or so, on the AM radio station in town owned by ABC, there has been a string of "diversity" ads that have been repeatedly aired in prime time.

I just heard this disgusting, divisive ad right now, which is what prompted me to post. When you first listen to it of course it sounds like a good ad. No one except for an actual, true racist would not want to have friends or work with or for people based on skin color. But like most globalist messages to the public, this has more than one. It is meant to shame white people and cow them to Jesse HiJacksons and Al Sharktons. And for any minorities listening, it is meant to tell them, you know, there aren't enough white people like this mother and her daughter who like you. Most white people still hate you. Why don't white strangers come up to you when you're standing in line at the grocery store and offer to go out for dinner and drinks? They're racist.

And these ads are airing during peak hours, which means someone is paying a good chunk of money for them. It's some government fair housing agency that I never heard of. So that means you're paying to have the government run propaganda designed to make you feel guilty if you're white, and angry if you're not.

You must pay attention to the media, even seemingly harmless things like public "service" ads. Everything has a purpose, and while it is often not hard to determine the purpose, it does require you to scratch the surface. The Third Reich would have been no more than a Turd reich without the enormous power of persuasion created by Goebbels and the Nazi propaganda machine. No, I'm not calling anyone a Nazi -- that's the cheapest and, at this point, most spent label you can throw out.

What I am saying is that we are surrounded by propaganda, much of it not immediately recognizable because it is hidden behind seemingly harmless material. Take the movie Avatar. I don't have any reason to believe it was funded or influenced by the globalists, it's probably just that James Cameron is a simpleton when it comes to politics, and he wanted to make a well-meaning pro-enviro movie. An interesting aside, he has been trying to get BP and the government to listen to his ideas about stemming the oil flow in the Gulf -- he created and operated his own submersible robotic craft to film The Abyss, but of course his advice is not wanted. But getting back to his latest film, the entire thing is about how the evil high-tech Earth people (Americans) invade an innocent planet (America in the 1800s, Iraq, Afghanistan), displace the poor natives and exploit their ancient, most sacred spot for its natural resources.

Of course, in the end the natives rout the evil Americans, err Earthers, and push them back to outer space. It's not like that's some kind of brilliant, secret analysis of mine -- it was widely talked out in the media and in the movie reviews that this movie was an environmental allegory. The government is increasing the amount of your money it spends every year on propaganda. People our age are set enough in our knowledge and beliefs that their efforts will be minimally effective on us. What they're after are your kids. Dora the verminous illegal alien Explorer says to kids that hey, Spanish is the national language too, and you must love all Mexicans even if they're breaking the law. Kids see Avatar and that will stay in the back of their mind with its white guilt message. There are endless examples, I don't need to expound any further.

Thanks for reading, Racist!

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