Friday, June 4, 2010

You Have No Right to Remain Silent

Supremes Overrule Lower Court on Miranda Rights Case

So now if you clearly demonstrate that you do not wish to speak with police but accidentally let a "Yes" slip out when asked a personal question, you no longer have your rights. Guilty, life in prison, goodbye.

Does it strike anyone as odd that the liberals on the Court, whose leftist predecessors, pressured as usual by ACLU were the ones responsible for the decision in Miranda vs. Arizona, but now they chose to strip part of that landmark case's power in law? Why do you think the change of philosophy? Because the globalists control the liberal members of the court. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, never qualified to be on the court, was a radical leftist ACLU lawyer obsessed with abortion rights and the altering of age-of-consent laws, if memory serves.

But now, as the banksters and their elite controllers push the economies of the world further under water and are necessarily enacting new laws and regulations left and right to prepare for their coming police-state crackdown, they have made the decision that certain of our rights must be stripped. Then, when they do drop the hammer on us, anyone who dissents with the official government opinion on anything can be disappeared. Sure they could disappear people in the old school manner, a la Argentina in the '80s, but now, they have many new and many more upcoming legal methods to do so. And it's much less messy for them politically if they do it through the corrupt, but still seemingly intact legal system.

Already you can be arrested for insulting people. Oh, you didn't hear that one on CNN? You probably would have heard it on MSLSD -- I don't know, I hardly ever tune that dreck in, but they were probably jumping up and down when the libs passed their "Hate Crimes" law a while back. As with all these recent bills, it sounds well meaning in its official title and in the abstract, and probably most of the actual text. But there always seem to be a few lines hidden here or there deep within these bills that would shock the public if they knew.

You see, under the Soetoro-Pelosi-Reed triumvirate, you can be charged with a felony hate crime if you hurt someone's feelings. And there will be a few show trials of white Christian males sent to prison for making fun of a gay person, or for yelling insults at a Muslim or whatever, take your pick. But the real aim of this, and you can read it in the text of the bill. It was passed under the harmless title of the "Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act." As you all remember Shepard was the young gay student who was tortured and left to die on a fence by a pair of homophobic bullies, and Byrd was the black man who was dragged to his death behind a pickup truck in East Texas. Both terrible crimes and all those responsible were found guilty and dealt appropriate punishments.

It was never not a crime to kill or harm homosexuals, it simply was not adjudicated any differently. Now any minority group has special protection -- they're better than you. They are sacred cows. But if you actually go and read the bill, the heart of it deals with "hate crimes" against the government and law enforcement. Oh yes, Eric Holder was desperate to get the thing passed, which, not surprisingly the weak-kneed Republicans largely went along with. The vote was not close in either house, because the Repubics were afraid to be called the usual, racist, anti-Muslim, homophobic, whatever Keith Untermann could throw against the wall.

So, soon, if you speak out against the government, you will be legally disappeared if you prove too effective against the regime and the plans of their overseers. You might see blogs like this disappear in the not too distant future. As I said, they already have ways of removing enemies, even legally. They will plant drugs in your car, child porn on your computer, or illegal weapons in your home and then the SWAT team arrives with two or three local news channel vans in tow. And even if you produce 100 character witnesses to affirm that you've never used drugs, are not interested in underage children or in owning automatic weapons or RPGs without the appropriate licenses, you will be sent to federal prison. That's how the game used to work.

But now, the legal structure is in place to do the same thing to people whose emails or phone calls contain phrases or ideas that the government doesn't like. The descendants of Echelon and Carnivore/DCS-1000 apply keyword filters to all of your electronic communications, and flag "hate speech" against the government for possible review by a human operator. So, when they've finally decided you've had more than your share of free speech, the men with matte black body armor and M-16As arrive in their own vans, with their flash-bangs and their German Shepherds and all the other fancy toys that make them feel superior to you, the loudmouth. The American citizen. The little people.

I don't have any doubt that if Obama somehow gets re-elected, probably with a little help from his friends at Diebold, that I will, somewhere down the road, instantly become addicted to drugs or illegal porn, conveniently about 5 minutes before I get SWATted. I hope we patriotic types can take enough control of the government and the media so that we never get to that active state of affairs, where the police state starts jailing by the thousands those who dissent. But the machinery is in place, both the laws and regulations, and the teams of agents who will carry out the physical operation.

The most important thing that you can do, as one person, right now, is to ensure that true conservatives, Constitutionalists, restorationists get elected in November. It doesn't matter under what label they run -- in some races I have no doubt that true conservatives will be forced to run as Dems or Is in order to face off against entrenched fake Republicans who are supported by the GOP. And then, if we have control of both houses when the new classes are sworn in, we must urge Congress to repeal each and every one of these mega-bills, from "stimulus" to the bankster bailouts, to the Shepard/Byrd law and, if they succeed in ramming yet another one through, crap-and-trade. They can, legally and must, morally be repealed.

And then the conservatives must not be shy in opening up hundreds, thousands, if necessary, of investigations into how our country got taken over by offshore banks. How a semi-Muslim Kenyan currently of Indonesian citizenship rose from absent college kid to the U.S. Senate and then to our Presidency. How he got $1 billion in campaign contributions, and from whom. I have an idea for job creation -- hire thousands of special prosecutors, if need be hungry kids just out of law school who can't find jobs in the economy that Clinton, Bush and Soetoro have destroyed under orders. Yes, thousands of investigations with all material available to the public on a special website so that we can read for ourselves how this happened. The transparency that Barry promised you, when his administration is ten times more opaque than the cloudy lens through which you could see G.W.

There must be investigations into all the payouts that certain banks and large businesses gave to certain members of Congress, to members of the administration and to Soetoro himself. Into how the banks gave themselves over $23.7 trillion of your money. Into why Turbotax Timmy Geithner and Eric Holder and many other officials can't remember to pay their taxes but remain unpenalized by the IRS. There were plenty of scandalous affairs and people in the last administration, but this one is corrupt at a level which is topped only the poorest African and Central American countries. It literally is a pay-for-play setup under Barry, and the banksters can certainly afford it, especially after stealing all the money the have since October 2008.

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