Friday, June 4, 2010

'Til Infinity and Beyond

BP - Oil Flow Could Last for Years

Oh, first it was weeks, then until August, yesterday it was until Christmas and now it is years, if BP's heroic efforts to plug the well continue to fail, on cue. Be sure to load Page 2 of the story, with the computer simulation graphic of where the oil will go. It wraps around the entire state of Florida, then travels north, covering the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. The whole thing. This is much more serious than even I had thought, thinking that the shape of the Gulf would entrap the oil and not let it past Florida.

No, this could very well mark the beginning of the national crackdown, if BP cannot or will not stop the oil. That is my own speculation and fear, and based on no hard evidence. But it's a perfect pretense for mass FEMA evacuations of the Gulf and East Coast states. Maybe the well will be plugged soon, and I hope it does. But things aren't looking good right now. I wonder if any of the Vegas or offshore casinos have betting pools on the date the oil flow is stopped or reduced to a trickle. I'll take the over.

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