Friday, June 4, 2010

Goldman's Sacks

Goldman-Sachs sold 44% of its BP Shares in Days Before Oil "Spill"

And their buddies over at Halliburton just bought the world's leading blowout prevention technology company and one which also is involved in spill cleanups. Nine days before the "accident."

This is reminiscent of Goldmine-Sac dumping their shares of the two airlines whose airliners happened to have been used in the 9/11 false flag attacks. And only those two. It's not bad enough that our government took down the tallest and most expensive (and two of the most important) buildings in the country and indeed the world. and game themselves cover by killing innocent people at the Pentagon.

And I have a new theory that the plane which crashed or was shot down in Pennsylvania was not headed for the White House, as the government told everyone, but was aimed to take out the Congressional building. It would have been nice for them if Congress had been in session, so that there would be no opposition to unlimited presidential power grabs until emergency elections could be held.

But the globalists are bizarrely obsessed with the occult, including numerology, so the 9/11 date took precedent over convenience. But the destruction of the building in which they met just been five days earlier would surely have frightened all but the military vets among them into becoming rubber stamp for G.W.

So it's bad enough that they sacrifice Americans as pawns in their gambit, but to add insult to injury they let their old college pals at the big banks and financial institutions know what's coming ahead of time so that they can profit. Because Bush and Soetoro and the CEOs and CFOs and CIOs of the big banks share the same bosses, the owners of those institutions and the royals over them. So why not make some money? And then when the people in government are out of government, they'll get nice jobs back at Goldman's Shaft and CitiPoop.

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