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A good primer on the history of our debt... - simple, easy to understand info on the debt

I highly recommend both of these web pages. You must learn what the record national debt means for your family's future. Already, thanks to Bush and Soetoro, every person (legal, that is) in the USA owes just under $40,000 for the national debt. Include all of the tens of trillions of dollars in unpaid future promised spending such as Medicaid and Medicare and Social Insecurity, and that figure jumps to $108,000. You, me, your children who aren't old enough to speak. The unborn children you'll soon have -- $108,000 each.

I was going to finish with this paragraph, but I'll make it the lead instead so you're sure to see it. Many respected economists, both from this country and crunching the numbers from others, have stated to the media that our national debt has literally passed the tipping point from which it can no longer be paid off. Literally impossible, they say, due it its enormity and the specter of compound interest, not the specter of Arlen, though he certainly helped deal the damage. They say the only way we can pay the debt off is by revaluing our currency. Not an attractive prospect.

It wasn't always this bad, even in our lifetimes. Several presidents actually reduced the principal owed, and of the few things I give Bubba Clinton full praise for was balancing our budget which, while not paying down the principal of the national debt, at least had the effect of not adding to it. Of course the banksters still got more each year due to interest, but Clinton stopped the aneurysm for a while, until G.W. cowboyed his way to D.C. He was bad, increasing the federal budget I believe by a factor of two in his eight years. Obama had QUADRUPLED that in 18 months. Think about that -- in less than a decade the budget has ballooned tenfold.

And you know how interest works -- more principal causes even more interest, which goes back to add to the principal unless you pay it off immediately, which we are not. It's an endless cycle designed to completely suck the wealth out of the upper-middle, middle class and poor citizens. The uber-rich are left untouched, of course. Here, I'll make it easy for you so you won't have to read through the links above. I'll give the starting and ending values for the debt under various presidents:

Washington: $0 - $8.3M
Jackson: $58.4M - $3.3M
Lincoln: $64.8M - $2.7B
Wilson: $3.6B (1916) - $27.4B (1919)
FDR + WWII $23.5B - $43B (1941) - $258.7B (1945)
JFK+LBJ: $290.2B - $368.2B
Mr. Peanut: $653.5B - $930.2B
Reagan: $930.2B - $2.6T
Daddy Bush: $2.6T - $4.1T
Clinton: $4.1T - $5.6T (he shaved principal for 3 years but interest caught up)
G.W.: $5.6T - $10.0T
Soetoro: $10.0T - ~$13T (Q2 2010) - ???

Graph that in Excel and watch your neck snap as you follow the curve. And the Turd Triumvirate of Soetoro, Pelosi and Reid have us adding to the debt at an ever-increasing rate. Factor in compound interest to that equation and it won't be long before the debt starts to increase at a geometric rate, then at a quadratic rate, and then, if they have their way and keep going (and keep out of prison) the rate will increase exponentially. And that's when you have what happened in the Weimar Republic, where a wheelbarrow full of Marks were required to buy a loaf of bread. What would have cost the equivalent of our nickel back then cost billions of Reichsmarks because their currency was rendered valueless due to the same uncontrolled inflation that is soon to begin right here.

In the latest example of where we are heading, Zimbabwe in 2008 experienced an annual inflation rate of 11.2 MILLION percent. That means that if their bread cost 1 Zimbabwean dollar in 2007, it cost $112,000 the next year. And their inflation hasn't stopped. Of course you won't have to worry about loading up your SUVs with dollars since nearly all transactions in this country are done electronically. You'll just see an extra digit at first on all your purchases, then two after a couple of years, then three the next year, then six, etc. It will happen if this unsustainable spending is not reversed and government spending is slashed. We must put tariffs on foreign goods, like every single other nation on Earth dies, to one extent or another. Even though it will temporarily reduce the government's intake of money and thus slightly worsen the deb for a year or two, we must have massive tax cuts on small businesses and the middle class earners who would build, expand, or restart them. End all services for illegal aliens and eliminate welfare for able-bodied and -minded citizens. End Social Security and privatize it, or eliminate it completely. Enact tort reform, after canceling the whole SoetoroCare monster, enabling health care costs to plummet, which will ease the burden that Medicare and Medicaid place on the budget and debt.

And after these emergency measures are in place, we can start a careful, deliberate study of how to truly turn the economy around, but in a traditional American fashion. No more economies based on housing or tech stock bubbles. End derivatives in banking and finance -- that is the key to the entire bankster fraud. When banks could could leverage as capital 10x-20x more money than they actually owned, it was easy for them to take over everything. If you could buy 10x what you earned you'd be flying around in private jets and being chauffeured in black limos too. The economy can be turned around by fixing the imbalance in our imports versus exports, but it will be a long and arduous process. Virtually no manufacturing exists any longer here on the scale which we enjoyed during World War II, or even in the '80s. But tariffs and corporate tax breaks for returning jobs and plants to America can do it, it will just take decades to finish.

We must never again find ourselves in a position where the Chinese buy the British firm that makes turbine blades for our military aircraft's jet engines. I thought General Defectric could do that. I guess not anymore. Even if by some act of God Barry were found to be ineligble to be President and the Supremes ruled all of his laws signed to be void, the economy would still continue downwards for years because of the inertia of the debt and the interest. But if we can audit the InFederal UnReserve, eliminate derivatives, eliminate all their other secret tricks like SDRs and naked short selling, then the healing can begin. It's not that hard to imagine -- seal the borders, deport all illegals, and place a moratorium on all immigration for 10 years except for those who can prove that they are already educated and employable to a level at which they can sustain themselves economically. Jail the banksters and the members of Congress, the people in this administration and the last who destroyed our economy.Re-establish a true national bank after demolishing the Fed. Seize all assets of the banksters, and when found criminally liable for all of this in court, those of Goldman-Sachs, CitiGroup, Bank of America, the Bank of England and all the other criminal institution which knowingly crashed the finanical system under orders from the globalists.

Then, when we no longer have the burden of Mexico's poorest and most criminal, when we have an honest national financial bank working in concert with private financial institutions, operating openly and with none of the dirty tricks that allowed the banks to take over the world, and when for once, God willing, we have honest citizens in the halls of Congress and in the Oval Office, then we might get our country back.

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