Wednesday, June 2, 2010


New Setback In Oil Well Repair

Shocking. Stunning. Who would have known that the latest heroic effort by BP to stem the geyser of oil would fail due to yet another mechanical difficulty? I. All the domes, the junk shots, the top-kill mud/concrete injections, yet the flow has only increased. Scandalous. Unbelievable.

Oh yes, things are going exactly as planned. And Soetoro doesn't mind co-hosting the operation, because he hates the country in general, the Gulf coast states in particular which did note vote for him, and he loves the new control this "accident" will give his EPA and all of the Czars he's appointed. Perhaps he will be forced to create a new cabinet position, something called the Minister of Coastal Happiness or the like, in true globalist doublespeak fashion. Or, more true to his form, he might just king a new Czar and call him what he will be -- the Gulf Coast Atrophy Czar.

So BP, a trillion dollar company, can't seem to find a saw blade with teeth sharp enough to cut through their pipe. Tragic. Lamentable. They're trying so hard! I heard the CEO of BP yesterday telling reporters that he wants his life back. The oil spill is just so stressful for him. The poor man has been working 18-hour days ever since the globalists detonated Deepwater Horizon. I feel such empathy. They never foresaw such a disaster, even though they did, and 50 years ago drew up plans for effective containment. But because this was a bankster paramilitary operation, and because it involves destroying the American Gulf coast, not merry old England, BP forgot in which file cabinet those plans are stored.

Quote: "This cut-and-cap effort could temporarily increase the flow of oil by as much as 20 percent, though Allen said officials wouldn't know whether that had happened until the cut could be completed.

Depressing. Tear-jerking. You mean the Herculean efforts that BP is mounting might actually cause more oil to enter our ocean? 20% more? Or more. Woebegone. Disconsolate (yes I used the thesaurus). If you can't see this operation for what it is, I can't help you. The globalists are practically screaming in your face that they did this.

Think back, and read back to the posts I wrote earlier. You had Bush and Soetoro giving the Deepwater Horizon, specifically (not BP or its contractor) safety awards. You had Bush and Soetoro giving it a specific and unusual safety exemption. Every other offshore rig is required to have advanced safety equipment, including a blowout preventer that actually works. Deepwater Horizon was waived from this requirement, as the $500,000 that that would have cost was simply too great of a burden for BP -- they would have have gone bankrupt if they had to spend half a million for a piece of hardware, after all, you know. Poor BP. And hours before the explosion, BP executives were literally having a party at the rig. Of course they all left before the "accident." What were they celebrating? I'd love to have been a fly on those walls...

So, 4/20/2010, Earth Day, dope day, Hitler's birthday, Stalin's birthday. Boom. Oh my goodness, I guess Barry was wrong in mandating more extensive offshore drilling. He feels so bad that he has to change his position, but geez, this disaster is of such magnitude that he'll actually have to put it in reverse and say no more drilling, at least for now. He's so embarrassed and ashamed, but he has to go back on his word for the good of the American people.

And the rest is history, or it could be if people pay attention and see through the gauze-thin camouflage in which the media and Soetoro's people have ensconced this thing.

I'll state it once more, for the record on 2 June 2010. The globalists blew Deepwater Horizon in order to 1) kill the Gulf Coast economy, 2) gain further fascist environmental controls and 3) possibly nationalize the energy sector, if they can get away with it. That's all, it's as simple as that.

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