Monday, June 7, 2010

And the Band Played On...

US Debt to Overtake GDP in Size

I thought of that title because this is the top story on Drudge, and he used a picture showing a Titanic-size ship sinking beneath the surface. But I think it's appropriate because while anyone who spends even a few hours researching the controlled financial meltdown will find, it is already too late to save the country's economy without completely eliminating the Federal Reserve and creating a new national, actual-Federal banking system with the necessary checks and balances so that this sort of banker takeover of our country and the rest of the world can never again happen.

But the band plays on, that is the controlled corporate media, and by that I mean all media, not just the bought-and-paid for news media. Hollywood, MTV, prime time programming, sports, reality shows, music, popular Internet sites and all the rest are distractions largely designed and financially supported by the globalist machine. But if I started discussing how the NTSC television system just so happens to refresh the screen at 59.97Hz, a rate which happens to coincide with a harmonic of the alpha-wave state of the human brain, and that this has the effect of raising the alpha, or sleep-like (in)activity in your brain, you wouldn't believe me.

But NTSC was designed post-WWII, so it is an old trick. Now, the government directly purchases what Alex Jones calls "behavior placement." Product placement became popular in the '80s as large companies discovered they could pay movie and television production firms to prominently display their products in films and shows. Today the government pays production companies to promote ideas, memes. I don't have a list, but I would start "24" near the top of the list. Torture is good, it's patriotic, sometimes it is necessary to break the laws of the land in order toprotect the innocent. I love that show -- it is terrific entertainment. But we need to put a wall up between what we see and hear one side, and our own thoughts and opinions and convictions on the other.

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