Saturday, June 12, 2010


Saudis Clear Airspace for Israeli Strike on Iran

This will be how World War III starts, which the globalists want. Unlike many in the so-called conspiracy community, I am very pro-Israel. I think they should take out Iran's offensive nuclear capacity, and they should have struck years ago. It is now admitted in the mainstream media that Iran already has enough fissile material for at least two weapons, and probably the reality is that they have even more. Everyone knows that, while terribly expensive, it is easy to enrich uranium. The difficult parts are the delivery system (missiles) and particularly the explosive "lens" used to initiate the chain reaction.

Iran has had their Shahab series of missiles perfect for years, capable of not only striking Israel but also Europe, and they are pursuing larger, multi-stage missiles in order to hit us in America. It is not known whether Iran has perfected the explosives technology required to enable them to deploy an implosion-style bomb, the type which we used at Nagasaki in 1945 with "Fat Man." However, if they are desperate enough to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, as president Amadjihad has continually called for, they could resort to existing technology and construct a less efficient but still genocidal gun type of bomb, which was our first design, as seen at Hiroshima.

I was actually very surprised when I read the article stating that the Saudis have officially given Israel the green light to hit Iran. If anything, I figured that they would do so under the table, not openly announce it. This is very telling. Iran, like North Korea, is one of only a tiny handful of nations with any sort of power that is not completely controlled by the globalists. For the Saudis to announce in the media this permission, we must conclude that they have intelligence suggesting that Iran either already believes it has a working weapon (since no evidence exists that they've successfully detonated a test device) or is only weeks or months away from going hot.

When Israel strikes the Iranian nuclear facilities, World War III begins. There is no guarantee that their strike force will be able to neutralize Iran's nuclear weapon production capacity. In fact, it is almost certain, even though they deploy American fighters and attack craft and a mix of our munitions and their own, domestically-designed missiles and bombs, that at best they will be able only to damage some of the installations. Iran has wisely spread the whole system out in numerous locations, most buried deeply underground. G.W. had given permission for Israel to buy a number of our most powerful bunker-buster bombs, but the verminous, anti-semitic Barry Hussein Soetoro canceled that deal.

But the Israelis have not a single bomber in their otherwise powerful air force. The best they can do is go in with their F-15E Strike Eagles. What the Saudis have just announced is critical, because without such a shortcut the Israelis would have to plan multiple refueling points, and they would likely lose a number of the fighters, which they had been prepared for, but were hoping to avoid. They have a limited number of choices of munitions since they have no bombers. The most likely weapons to be used will be the AGM-142 "Have Nap" standoff missile or the BLU-109 "Have Void" bomb. Both are designed to penetrate concrete but neither are as powerful as our own top bunker-busting bombs like the MOAB.

Have Nap has the advantage of being an over-the-horizon, fire-and-forget missile, meaning that the Strike Eagles can stay miles away from their targets and the Iranian anti-aircraft missiles surrounding the facilities, which they purchased from the Russians. But they deliver a relatively small warhead. The Have Void carries a 2000 pound explosive, but is an unpowered weapon, so the jets would have to be very close to the Iranian facilities before release, putting the pilots and aircraft in much graver danger. the BLU-109 is only designed to penetrate six feet of concrete, so in order to damage or destroy their targets, the Israelis would likely have to drop a great many and time them to hit simultaneously, rather than in waves, hoping to create a resonance underground that would collapse the structures in on themselves, as happens in an earthquake.

And it is likely that Iran has placed some of its installations beneath civilian population centers, as the Muslims like to do. Israel will do its best to limit civilian casualties, but the will be high, and the U.N. and Soetoro and the media will scream bloody murder. Both Hezzbollah and the Iranians have thousands of jihadist sleepers in the United States, waiting to be activated. When Israel attacks Iran, they will likely order terror attacks on malls, schools and military bases here. This will give Soetoro the mandate to send our military against Iran. And if North Korea so much as burps they will be taken on as well.

Gerald Celente, the excellent trends forecaster, told Alex Jones recently that this will happen before then end of the year. Oil will shoot up to at least $200 a barrel and gasoline will cost somewhere around $10. This will kill the last of our arrhythmic economy. But Boeing, Lockheed, General Dynamics and all the rest of the globalist-owned defense industry will be rolling in your tax dollars. This has been planned for years, and just last week at Bilderberg, the elite gave their own green light for a war in Iran. It will happen.

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