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Soldier Arrested for Leaking Video of Murders by U.S. Army

Older Wired Magazine Article

I'm not talking about the consumption of flesh, but our military certainly know how to eat their own. Everyone must immediately view the video in question if you haven't seen it already. You won't have seen it in the controlled media, probably have not even heard about the incident unless you or someone you know listens to Alex Jones or other free, alternative media. It has almost a million view on Youtube (just one of dozens of copies) and an incredible sum of over 16,000 comments. It's the military's worst-kept, dirty secret. And now they want to crucify the man that brought the world's attention to this.

The video, from an Apache gunship shows our military murdering innocent Iraqi civilians, one of whom was a reporter. There were two helicopters, and you hear the crews discussing whether or not they have any reason to mow the people down. When one sees the reporter's camera, he says it's a gun and they open fire. When it becomes 100% certain that the Iraqis had been unarmed and no threat, you hear them laughing. Then they shoot up an car containing two small children. And laugh some more.

Full version:

Shorter version:

The government tried to shut down Wikileaks over this video, the site where it was first disseminated to the public. Since then it has gone viral on Youtube and elsewhere, so now it's too late for them to stop you from seeing it. So, they're doing the next best thing -- persecuting the soldier who risked his life to sneak this video out. Listen to the zeal in the voices of the pilots and the guy manning the machine gun.

"Good shootin'!"
"Thank you."

Watch them finish off the reporter, who is crawling away towards cover. Listen as they wish for an excuse to kill him -- "Come on, buddy... All you gotta do is pick up a weapon." Listen to them begging for permission to fire at the van that comes to pick up the dead bodies, desperate for blood -- "Come on, let us shoot!" Whiny vermin. I believe this is the first time I have ever called a United States soldier that, but it fits this scum. Up there in his multimillion dollar gunship, begging for permission to murder as if it were a video game.

Then they finally obtain permission to engage the van just as it starts to pull away from where the driver and passenger picked up the dead bodies. The two Apaches circle over and over, looking for other victims.

Pilot 1: "Yeah, it worked pretty good. I didn't want those motherfuckers to run away and scatter!"
Pilot 2: "Yeah..."

Here's where the story gets a bit deeper, emotionally. There are ground forces moving in -- men who fight yards away from their enemy, not hundreds of feet above in armored helicopters. They see up close the result of the actions of the helicopter pilots and gunmen, and they have a different take, emotionally and morally, on what happened. You can read the full transcript of the incident here.

So the ground forces arrive and find the wounded kids inside the van, and, being true to the spirit and the soul of real U.S. soldiers, they evacuate them to a hospital in Bradley fighting vehicle. No one knows if the kids lived, but their wounds were said to be grave at the time. Then, after the compassionate ground forces leave, the chopper pilots continue their pursuit of more blood. But one of them evidently forgot which button to push on his video game controller -- my favorite snippet of conversation has to be this gem:

"32:40 Let me know when you're going to fire.
32:44 All right, I'm fucking having a brain fart. Where's the man [manual] advancement?
32:48 You got one on the clutch on the bottom left on your left door.
32:54 Roger let me stand by.
32:57 Got it?
32:59 No.
33:03 All right.
33:09 Let me just put a kilo [Hellfire missile] in there.
33:12 Ok.
33:15 Got it?
33:21 Put a kilo in?
33:22 All right, let me get back."

Yeah, buddy, you had a brain fart all right, when you purposely called a camera an AK-47, when you finished off the crawling, wounded reporter, when you killed the people who came to get the dead bodies off the street and when you most likely killed two young children in cold blood. I'd call that a brain fart of the highest magnitude.

Well, watch the rest if it interests you. As far as I know, nothing has happened to these pilots, who should be in Leavenworth for the rest of their lives, if not executed. I would prefer the latter. And now the government is going after the whistleblower, who, though he did break one law by leaking "classified" video, should be protected by our whistleblower laws. But our military, starting under G.W. and continuing under Soetoro, does nothing better than prosecute its own heroes. It can't prosecute a war to save our lives, because the Pentagon hats won't let the fighting men fight, but they sure as hell can make sure that if a soldier does his job, like in the tragic case of Michael Behenna or the so-called Haditha Massacre, after which the government spent years and millions of dollars to persecute our Marines. That one was particularly galling as the late, detestable John Murtha took a report from the verminous Bernard McGirk of Time Magazine, who fabricated his story based on the word of Iraqi locals, with no evidence to back it up.

For every 100 soldiers out there in combat there are a handful that have been perverted, and at some level I can empathize. The very purpose of basic training is to break the cadet, then to reform him or her psychologically to suit the purposes of the government and the military. This process removes some of the normal mental and emotional checks and balances with which they grew up, assuming that they had a normal childhood. Perhaps the ones who perpetrate atrocities like you have just seen, if could bear to watch the whole thing, were the ones who were abused themselves. Or maybe the stress with which the government has burdened many of them by deploying them for tour after tour is responsible. Part of it is certainly due to the culture of acceptable violence in the media here -- the graphically violent video games, the torture-porn movies like Hostel and shows like "24."

Whatever the cause of these aberrant behaviors in a tiny fraction of our service men and women, there is no doubt that this is a problem, and the problem will worsen as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq drag on. And they will drag on, and new theaters of operation, whether they be in Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, the Sudan or wherever else a fake conflict can be generated, will continue to ensure that the military-industrial complex continues to funnel billions of your tax dollars to their bestest friends like General Electric and Halliburton.

The soldier who was brave enough to recognize the atrocious nature of this horrendous slaughter should be given a presidential medal, not prosecuted. This video does not reveal any classified information. The military is simply sending a message to anyone else who might get a thought in their head to shed light on any such future incidents. Because the one thing that the globalist elite, their bankster money hoarders, and their minions in government and military cannot stand is the light of truth shining on them. They scramble away like the cockroaches that they are.

It is time to put on a heavy pair of boots and smash some insects around here.

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