Monday, June 7, 2010

We're Coming for You, Barbara

Finally, the American sheople have begun to wake up from their near Living Dead state. At last, Barry "Obama" has begun to tarnish and people are clawing their way out from the quicksand pit of misinformation that the media have been doing their best to keep the general population in.

The poll was conducted by ABC with the Washington Post. The Post is not a bad rag but you all know how biased ABC is. I'm actually surprised that ABC went on to go live with the story -- usually they would either not report on a poll so unfavorable to Soetoro, or they would bury it on some unknown reporter's blog. This is a good sign.

So more Americans now rate the government's "response" to the oil spill unfavorably compared to two weeks after Katrina. Why they chose to compare two weeks after Katrina to six weeks after the rig explosion I don't know -- it is generally not a good idea to try to compare poll numbers with a time difference like that. Perhaps because Katrina blew through in just a couple of days, whereas the oil took weeks to start reaching land and is still an ongoing story with no end in sight. In any case, this is a good sign. Even better is that 64% of all polled want criminal charges against BP.

This is very encouraging. But what is still not being talked about, except in "conspiracy" forums and on "kooky" radio shows, is the possibility, I say probability that if the government itself did not blow the well, that they certainly have done everything in their power to stall any sort of meaningful abatement of the oil flow as well as actively preventing the cleanup of the oil that has drifted far away from the site of the leak. They have lawyers in every Gulf Coast state keeping local fishermen from going out in their personal vessels to mop up the oil or to form cordons using theirs and their neighbors' ships.

The globalists may have overplayed their hand with this operation. In the last 24 hours I have seen libs including Jimmy Buffett, Harry Shearer and no less than the man who got Bubba Clinton elected, James Carville, screaming on Fox, CNN and yes, even MS-LSD about how the government is doing nothing to clean up the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. These are intelligent people, for the most part (Buffett has too few brain cells after living in Margaritaville), which is the most maddening thing about liberals. They're intelligent but not smart. They have intellectual potential but have been warped since childhood by misguided parents and an education system manned from bow to stern by Communists, enviro-nuts and every other sort of misfit known to man.

But even the Prius people are starting to peel their Obama stickers off their bumpers. We need to find a point of penetration into their virtual intellectual electric fence, some way to get past the brainwashing that they have been enslaved by all their lives. Maybe the crisis in the Gulf is the opportunity that will give us the chance to shatter the false paradigm in which they have been living. Because it's easy for the radical left to preach about this EPA policy and that U.N. committee, but when dead birds soaked in oil start washing up in front of their beach-front condos, they start to pull themselves out their typical university debate-club mindset and start thinking in practical terms like the rest of us do.

I personally dislike James Carville, a bizarre, alien-looking, strange-sounding shill in the media for the liberal Democrats. But there is no doubt that he is incredibly intelligent and that he is extremely smart politically. He lives in New Orleans. Though he campaigned for Hillary he has consistently supported Soetoro in the media since his nomination as the Demoncat candidate for the presidency. Now that his home is threatened he has suddenly switched to harsh criticism in place of the blind support he previously exhibited for anything Barry did or didn't do.

Because this is all about what Barry isn't doing. Which is anything. Barry had his EPA request that BP stop poisoning the waters with the Corexit that they are buying from themselves. The didn't, and the gangster from Kenya/Indonesia/Hawaii/Chicago opted not to pursue the matter any further. Barry could order the Navy and Coast Guard, if BP refused, to spread oil-eating microbes on the spill to get rid of the oil, or use the age-old method of surface burning, but he doesn't. Barry order the Navy, which certainly is of no use against foreign enemies or even pirates, due to Bush and Soetoro's douchebag rules of engagement, to form cordons using booms to keep the oil from reaching shore, but he won't.

Barry has his orders and he's following them. So instead of helping the people of the Gulf states, he has Paul McCartney over to the White House for an evening of wine and song, and to sing "Michelle" to Mrs. Soetoro. It should speak volumes to all of you that even though this inaction is political suicide, Barry still continues down that path. It shows that he is controlled, and that he is in no way at the top of the pyramid of power. The globalists have his birth certificate and they can remove him at any time they please, should he start to defy them.

But the people are indeed waking up from their coma. Soon they will be clamoring for criminal charges not against BP, but against Soetoro, Pelosi, Reid, Soros, Geithner, Bush, Cheney, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Ban, van Rompuy and all the rest of the list. The once dead American people will rise and attack the power structure in D.C. And we will rebuild this country in the original form which the founding fathers envisioned. And all the globalists and banksters and their minion operatives will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

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