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MAXIMUM ALERT: Deadly Levels of Toxins Already in Gulf Air

If you live anywhere in a Gulf Coast state from Texas all the way to Florida, this is critical information of the highest magnitude. Watch the Youtube clip, in several sittings if you must -- it's 90 minutes long. Alex Jones did an extra half hour of "overdrive" on his radio show because this information is so important. Alex had on Lindsey Williams, a Christian pastor for over 50 years who spent 3 years as the chaplain to the executives on the Trans-Alaska pipeline. They liked him so much that they gave him actual executive status and let him sit in on their top-level meetings. He has a source, an 87-year-old former top executive of one of the big three oil companies, who is dying and supposedly tells Williams things to try to atone for his harmful behavior in the past as a globalist himself.

I'll give you the most important information first, that which comes from the EPA and not from Williams, Jones, myself or a rumor mill. I hope you'll take the time to read the rest afterward, because thins is the first time I have prefaced a post with Maximum Alert.

► Hydrogen Sulfide -- maximum safe level is 10 parts per billion -- now in the air
all around the Gulf at 1,200ppb
► Benzene (maximum cancer causer) -- maximum safe level is 4ppb -- now at 3,000ppb
► Methylene chloride -- maximum safe level is 61ppb -- now at 3,400ppb

This is in the air folks, coming out of the water. Obviously it's bad enough to be in the water, but people don't need to be in the water to survive. And think back to what I wrote days back -- try to remember the two deadly chemicals that Corexit yields when it breaks down. Benzene and hydrogen sulfide. There are trace amounts of these in the oil itself but the vast majority is coming from the Corexit. That BP is dumping in the water at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gallons a day. That Soetoro and his EPA are allowing them to dump in, in order to poison you and your family!

Never forget that 100% non-toxic dispersant chemicals are available which according to the EPA itself and the oil industry are twice as effective per volume used. So why are they using only one chemical, Corexit 9500, when vast supplies of the safe alternatives are in warehouses all over the Gulf Coast? You make up your own minds.

Here's what else Lindsey Williams said:

► The explosion was the result of an actual accident, but the elite immediately
seized on it to advance their plans of a complete command-and-control society
► The pressure readings of the well were numbers never before seen - 20,000-70,000
psi, whereas Williams said that Alaskan oil is pressurized at 1,500psi
► The pipe is broken in multiple places, not just the one they keep the camera on
► The Russians have been drilling wells like this for decades, but they do it on
land -- this accident is a direct result of liberal environmental policies,
without which BP would have drilled into the same stratum and depth from land
► There is so much pressure that oil is now coming out in multiple locations from
cracks in the ground
► BP is using the Corexit as well to keep most of the oil beneath the surface,
invisible to us and to the media, but able to be monitored by government satellite
► BP insiders say that the only possible way to cut off the flow is to use a
tactical nuclear weapon, and there is as great a possibility that doing that
will completely destroy what containment is left, shattering instead of settling
the stratum on top of the oil layer
► If the nuke fails, the oil will never stop, according to BP
► The National Guard is actively preventing people from photographing the Gulf,
along with private BP security, as well as preventing people from cleaning up oil
in their towns
► The Corexit gasses will rise into the atmosphere, travel with weather patterns
and come back down as toxic rain, according to Russian scientists
► It would take months before a nuclear device could be placed, since they would
have to slant-drill from off-site to get the bomb in position

There was more, but I can't recall every single, apocalyptic point. So I may have been wrong about BP or the government itself blowing the well, but there was so much suspicious behavior, the most egregious of which is the fact that some unknown party made unauthorized modifications to the blowout preventer, for which there are no records of being ordered by, done by, paid for or authorized or signed off on by either BP or TransOcean or any of their technical partners.

So there are 4.2 million gallons per day now admitted, and the leak is getting worse constantly as oil, under pressures an order of magnitude past anything ever seen, works its way through additional weak spots in the ocean floor. But the oil, while it sucks for the birds and fish, is not the bigger problem -- the Corexit is. Which the government is protecting BP's release of every day. Again, I'll let you figure it out.

But 52 days into this mess, according to the cooked BP figures already 8x the oil lost from the Exxon Valdez has leaked. So the figure is probably closer to 20x. If you figure four more months to drill an approach tunnel for a nuclear weapon, that is 120 more days, and if you figure the rate will not increase anymore (which it will but I've forgotten the necessary calculus to compute that factor), that's another 504 million gallons of oil. And if you remember the computer-generated estimate of the oil's path after 120 days, it was all the way up the East Coast to around Massachusetts. Perfect.

So, just when enough oil has been released to ensure the evacuation of the entire East Coast into FEMA camps, they may or may not decide to nuke it. According to Lindsey Williams' dying source, no one has any idea what the odds of success are, if they even try to actually achieve what success would be for us -- stopping the damn thing. The current BP engineers who talked to Williams under condition of anonymity said that they are all extremely concerned -- to me, it sounded like <50% chance of stopping the oil. SO they may actually try to stop it with a nuke, they make shatter the entire sea floor on purpose to instantly flood the entire Gulf of Mexico with crude and natural gas, or they could do the easiest thing, and just keep trying Top Hats and Junk Shots and Top Fills, maybe even come up with more clever plans designed to fail or make things worse, perhaps a Top Junk of a Fill Hat. Or they could go back to what the Mexicans did in the mid-'70s -- Operation Sombrero (true story).

Whatever they choose, at this point it appears that, whether at the slow, current rate of at least 4.2 million gallons a day, or at the catastrophic rate perhaps hundreds of time higher that would result from an incorrectly placed or sized nuclear blast, this oil will continue flowing for a much longer time than it already has. If it's the end of the year before they nuke it or build something like the giant containment dome they built around the reactor at Chernobyl and drop one over each of the leaking vents as well as the BP pipe, enough oil will be out to cross the Atlantic and menace Europe. Perhaps Africa too, I haven't studied the Atlantic currents yet.

And the whole time you can bet that BP will be dumping as much Corexit as they can into the water, poisoning everyone, potentially, within 150 miles inland of the Gulf and East Coasts at that point. They probably are building new factories to make the stuff, it's so diabolically perfect for the globalists. I still think they blew the well on purpose. But even if they didn't, it is the direct and intentional acts of the government in cahoots with BP that have caused, according to the EPA's own internal numbers, thousands of times the safe level of benzene and H2S in the air.

Get away right now if you're on the coastline, and make plans to get away ahead of the National Guard and FEMA, and probably the regular Army too, if you live less than 150 miles from the coast (Houston people, I'm writing to you).

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