Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shell Game

"Dr. Doom" on the Future of The Gulf Coast and of BP

This guy thinks BP will file for bankruptcy protection in the coming weeks to indemnify them from having to actually pay what Soetoro made them promise -- every single dollar it takes to clean up their mess. Very smart play, if they do it. Like I've said, BP is a huge company whose two biggest investors are Queens Beatrix and Elizabeth, because even though their advertising moniker is simply BP, they are actually British Petroleum/Dutch Royal Shell.

BP may actually cease to exist as it is currently configured after the bankruptcy, lawsuits and media and public pressure all come to bear. If that happens, what you'll see is that the company will be broken up and their assets sold to other globalist-controlled firms. And then those pieces will either remain, with the Queens moving their money into those companies, or I think it's quite likely that, after a couple of years when everyone but those living on the Gulf coast have had this disaster fade in their memories, those pieces may be bought from their temporary holding companies and reassembled into a neo-BP under a different name and with a different logo.

That's the way these things work -- when a globalist company like Enron or BP gets into hot water, they sell their assets off and cease to exist under the name and in the configuration with which the public has known. But make no mistake -- all of the rigs, the refineries, all of the infrastructure that BP currently owns will still be owned by the globalists, just the names on the titles of ownership might change. And even if Soetoro and Congress do nationalize the energy industry, the profits will mysteriously never reach the coffers of our Treasury. They will continue to be funneled to the very same people who are rolling in their billions and trillions.

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