Monday, June 7, 2010

Here We Go Again

New (old) BP Oil Spill in Alaska

Didn't see this on the news? Even though it's in the same Alaska wilderness that the enviro-wackos always scream about how we must protect the wild moose and bears? Why had not even I heard about this until two weeks later, and that by accident, listening to Mike Rivero's podcast? The media are protecting BP from the public by hiding this, a real accident, while pretending to chide the company over the situation in the Gulf, which should now be obvious to all is a government-military operation.

BP is owned mostly by Queens Beatrix of the Netherlands and Elizabeth, two people who sit at the very top of the elite power pyramid. And BP is the largest corporate pusher of the "green energy" movement. After the oil spill in the Gulf is forgotten, years from now they will be given hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars in government contracts to build "eco-friendly" power infrastructure in this country. Sure, it's costing them billions to "clean up" the Gulf and to fling all these Top Hats and Top Kills and Junk Shots at the well on top of which Deepwater Horizon used to sit.

That's the game for them. Take a hit now, lie low for a while and be rewarded for helping the globalists carry out the greatest act of terrorism ever perpetrated in this country or any other. They have killed the Gulf of Mexico, and nearly all of it, for years to come. Admitted now in every mainstream media article. Years. Maybe decades. And they continue to spread the oil around by dumping their Corexit for the banksters, designed to make the core of the country exit as the oil reaches Florida, then continues around its tip and up the East Coast, all the way to Massachusetts or so, according to their computer projection. Oh yes, they knew exactly what they were doing when they blew up the well.

The above is the NOAA computer simulation of the oil slick as it hugs and travels along the East Coast, on Day 132 after the explosion. We are on Day 50 now, I believe.BP has said that the oil won't be cut off until August. So the rest of June, all of July, and as much into August as they can get away with puts us right around 132 days. I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped it exactly on Day 132 just to shove it in everyone's face. Watch, all you people on the Eastern seaboard who think you're safe.

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