Monday, June 7, 2010

This is Who You Elected

Biden and Emanuel Enjoy Watergun Fight on White House Lawn

Thank you, idiot Americans. Thank you, Peggy Joseph and all your friends who thought that just because Barry skin is darker than McCain's, he would do anything to help you. How's that working out for you?

So now we have Rambo Emanuel, just back from spending three weeks hiding from the media in Israel, having a water gun fight with the vice president. Let's survey what's going on right now to which they should be paying attention and devoting their time:

1) The worst environmental disaster in American, possibly even modern world history
2) Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
3) Iran acquiring nuclear weapons
4) North Korea having nuclear weapons
5) 22%+ real unemployment and underemployment
6) 30-40 million illegal aliens, mainly Mexicans, helping them bankrupt citizens
7) National debt now equal to and about to surpass our Gross Domestic Product
8) More black babies being aborted every year than being born
9) The rise of China as a superpower about to equal us in military
10) China having risen to surpass us in manufacturing and most economic sectors
11) Vladimir Putin constantly sabotaging us in the U.N. Insecurity Council
12) The U.N. itself being a cartel of banana republics
13) The breakdown of the American family as a cultural value

There, I'll stop at 13. I could do 100. And there they are, cavorting on the lawn with Super Soakers. I never saw anything like this at such a time of domestic and international crises. But it's on purpose, like everything else the New World Order does, it's designed to break our will.

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