Friday, June 11, 2010


Oil Flow Now Twice the Rate Previously Estimated

This is old news, I just had to comment on ABC's use of the adjective "astonishing" at the news that twice as much oil is escaping as scientists had thought. There's nothing astonishing about it. BP has been lying from the beginning, and the flow actually is increasing constantly as it finds new weak spots in the ocean floor, pushing through to create new vents as much as 20 miles away from the Deepwater Horizon's wellhead.

Soon even the controlled corporate media will begin to stop carrying BP's and Soetoro's water for them. As public outrage swells, which they have been doing their best to suppress by under-reporting and misreporting and straight out lying, they will lose the last scintilla of credibility they still possess with the dumbed public if they continue to spin the disaster. And BP now says don't expect anything to be done before Christmas, before the oil slick will reach all the way from the original site to Western Europe and beyond. And when this becomes an international crisis instead of simply an American problem, the situation will develop an entirely new dimension.

It is increasingly obvious that BP is being made the sacrificial lamb which will be used to activate the final phase of the global takeover. But as I wrote earlier, don't cry for Beatrix or Elizabeth, because the company's assets will simply be broken up, redistributed, and used as they are now under different supposed ownership. Notice how the U.N. has said and done nothing about the situation -- they are running it under orders. And our government turned down the Dutch when they sent cleanup ships to the Gulf just days after the platform exploded. Other governments have offered assistance, including, surprisingly, the Saudis. But no, our military and Coast Guard are only being used to prevent the citizens of the affected areas from cleaning up their own living and working areas, and Soetoro has refused every international and domestic offer of assistance from governments and companies alike.

Let me state it one more time with no flowery language -- the globalists caused this crisis, they are extending it as long as they can, exacerbating it to the greatest extent possible, and will use it to advance their agenda. They are killing the Gulf of Mexico. Soon they'll get around to you.

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