Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Leak May Be Bigger Than BP Says

Second Gulf Oil Leak Discovered

1 Killed Monday in Texas Gas Explosion

Second Natural Gas Explosion in Two Days Kills 2 in Texas

7 Hurt in West Virginia Explosion

'New' BP Oil Spill in Alaska Blamed on Cost-Cutting

I wonder why there are suddenly so many stories in the media about accidents and disasters in the energy sector... Why could that be? Because Soetoro and his globalist puppetmasters are desperate to push their crap-and-trade carbon tax on the American people before he's rendered politically impotent after the elections in November. The lame duck Demoncats and phony conservative Repubics won't mind voting for it in exchange for promises of cushy "consulting" jobs with the big corporations controlled by the banksters. Even the lamestream media admit that this would instantly double your electricity bills and push the price of gasoline up to the level that Europeans pay.

They thought they'd have no problem getting it through Congress late last year, after the Copenhagen climate change conference that was supposed to convince the last of us skeptics that we would all die in a firestorm if the U.N. were not allowed to attach a tax to literally all human activity. Then they got snowed out, the Climategate emails were leaked, and the whole conference turned into a joke. Al Goreleone went back into hiding, as he usually does during winters, and the carbon tax was put on hold.

So, five months or so later, boom -- Deepwater Horizon is blown up by operatives of the NWO, killing 11, a fact which seems to have been completely forgotten. The worst ecological disaster probably in world history before it's all over, if it ever ends, and now you have all these ancillary disasters happening (or being perpetrated) and being hyped in the media. And suddenly, instead of spending a total of 3 hours in the Gulf, touring the affected areas in the first five weeks after the explosion, now Barry is all over the place, hopping back and forth between his stressful job in Washington guided the good ship America, and now he's the man on the spot in the stricken states.

Pretty soon you'll see a concerted push from the controlled media for new EPA controls on energy, then you'll see them try to pass crap-and-trade, and then you will have them try to nationalize the energy sector, probably waiting until their narrow window after the elections and any runoffs in November and when the new Congress is sworn in. They know that Americans have seen through their takeovers of the financial and automobile manufacturing sectors. They know we will not stand for them nationalizing oil, coal, and gas, as Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela, but they have never cared what their constituents want.

Watch for it. It will unfold exactly as I've just predicted unless some sort of divine intervention occurs, or unless you can wake up enough of the people you know to what is going on behind the curtain in the land of Oz.

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