Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mrs. Toad's Wild Ride

Kagan Papers To Be Sealed From Public Scrutiny

In yet another striking example of how the most open and transparent administration in U.S. history is exactly the opposite, some nobody named Bauer who is evidently Soetoro's personal lawyer has informed Republicans that the 150,000 documents related to the unqualified Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, a close personal friend of Barry's, may be sealed. I can't wait to hear the doublespeak on this one. It's gotten so ridiculous under this regime that they'll probably issue a press release stating that the papers are being sealed so that the public can have time to read them all. Like how we had 72 hours to read the Health Scare Deform bill, except we didn't, and neither did the Republicans. And the bill they voted on wasn't even the one they were voting on.

Mrs. Toad is a nightmare. Put aside the alleged fact that she is a lesbian and that she would use that bias when deciding on gay marriage. We don't have time to get caught with that skirmish -- it's a diversionary tactic. She is anti- 1st and -2nd Amendment, she is for live birth abortion, euphemistically called partial birth abortion even by Fixed News and even more shadily termed "late-term" abortion by AC/DC Cooper and the rest of the media. This is pulling the baby's head out of the mother's vagina, sticking a hollow icepick into the brain, through the soft plates of the skull, and vacuuming out the brains. While the baby screams and fights to live but has its lower half still inside the mother. While the baby was old enough to live, often without even needing a respirator or special treatment. Next time a verminous liberal coworker or friend starts talking about abortion, ask them if they know what "late term" really involves, then tell them.

But that's a side issue. Mrs. Toad will indeed take us on one wild ride, away from states' rights and towards total federal control. Away from private industry and into complete nationalization of the economy. Away from checks and balances towards you checking your bank balance and finding it zeroed out. Wealth distribution, wealth confiscation, continued shattering of our military and intelligence institutions, away from free speech and into only government-approved speech... The list is endless. So why do you think her papers will be sealed?

Because she's Barry's personal friend, she's a fellow power-grabbing socialist and she's relatively young. And she'll do what their common boss, Goldman-Sachs says to do. Simple as that.

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