Friday, June 11, 2010


FL Governor Crist Vetoes Anti-Abortion Bill

This is the kind of phony-conservative, former so-called Republican that must be kicked out all across the country come November. Crist says that requiring pregnant women to undergo an ultrasound and view an image of the unborn human they are about to murder would be "an inappropriate burden" on them and would violate their privacy rights.

The liberal culture in this country, designed by the globalists and continuing to be advanced by their Communist, fascist foot soldiers, denigrates religion and morality while glorifying pleasure at any expense. So if you're a female slut, you want to have sex with a male slut, and both of you want unsafe sex because it feels better, no second thought is given. And if that selfish act creates human life in your womb, why not be judge, jury and executioner and visit a murder palace, err, a Planned Parenthood location. And don't feel any guilt -- after the technicians murder your unborn baby on your orders, go out to Starbucks for a grande latte, brag to the other liberal vermin there that you just terminated an inconvenience, and, if you broadcast that loudly enough you just might attract another anonymous male slut. Then you can do it with him in the bathroom and start the cycle all over again.

Michael Savage has reported that 51-52% of black babies are aborted each year rather than being born. The dirtiest secret of the abortion industry, and it is an industry, make no mistake, is that little gem for the globalists. They are racists over and above being pure evil, so while they salivate at the chance to eliminate anyone, they give themselves bonus points for killing people with darker skins. Yes, white women get 60% of abortions (based on the last CDC numbers available from 1996), and black women only account for 30%, but when you factor in the relatively small ratio of blacks to whites in America, you find that black women are three times more likely to have an abortion.

Here's another statistic you don't know: in 2005, 22.6% of all babies conceived in this country were murdered before they were born. Didn't hear that on the news? And while that number sounds high, and even I was shocked when I looked it up, we in the United States are only in the middle tier of the abortion numbers by country. 51.1% killed in Greenland (2007), 44.7% in Russia (2008), 37% in Cuba, several former Eastern Bloc nations in the high 30s, China rolling in at 31.1%... Disgusting.

And, not surprisingly, there seems to be a strong inverse relationship between the religosity of a nation and it's rate of fetal murder. That's why Russia and China are two of the top perpetrators. Cuba is an outlier because of their extreme poverty, but nearly every single one of the countries with an abortion rate below 10% (still a revolting figure) is either a Catholic Hispanic country or a Muslim nation. Panama leads the good guys at a stunning 0.02% (2000 numbers), and then you have other like Chile, Venezuela, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates not too much higher.

Yes, the vaccines and the poisons dumped into your water, the GMO foods, the chemtrails in the sky and a thousand other means are being used to reduce the world population, but abortion is particularly tasty for the demented elite. If they can eliminate people before they're even born, much less before they learn to talk, learn to read, learn to educate themselves and speak out against the global power structure, all the better. They'll kill you when you're adult, to be sure, but it's almost a sexual pleasure for these evil, twisted people when they can convince a woman that the fetus growing inside of her is nothing more than glob of tissue, and that she shouldn't feel any more guilty about aborting it as she would picking mucus out of her nose.

So shame on Charlie Crist. The formerly pro-life fake Republican shows his true stripes as soon as a real conservative, Marco Rubio challenges him -- he abandons the Republican title to become Independent, and now he doesn't so much mind killing babies. Just another phony uncovered.

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