Friday, June 11, 2010

Tables Turned

Pentagon Hunting Wikileaks Founder

Oh, the government doesn't like it when their own tricks are used against them. They have the successors of Carnivore and Echelon in their secret NSA rooms at all the major telecom switching hubs literally filtering through every single one of your communications, storing them in massive data farms and building psychological profiles of all of you from what you say and write. Every conversation you have or email you write or read that you thought was in confidence is gone through by supercomputers looking for keywords, and if you say something that Soetoro and his handlers don't approve of, a human agent takes over. And if you really are a threat, you get SWATted or worse.

So the founder of Wikileaks may or may not have 260,000 classified government communications in his possession, given to him by the same hero military intelligence officer that leaked the horrifying video I wrote of earlier showing our helicopter pilots enjoying murdering innocent Iraqi civilians. Who knows if he actually does have them or if this is just an excuse the government made up to put him in jail and shut down the site. Wikileaks has been a thorn in their side and in those of their corporate controllers ever since it popped up on the web. D.C. has been looking to shut it down for years.

I have a bit of advice for this man -- don't put the documents on Wikileaks. There's no reason to give the government a legitimate legal pathway to silence you. But it might be in the public interest, and certainly the public would be interested, if an anonymous poster should somehow steal your hard drive and upload the entire package of documents to a popular BitTorrent tracker, where it could be nearly instantly shared by thousands of concerned citizens. That way, it wouldn't be you who would be criminally liable. It would be the dastardly thief who stole your equipment. What a tragedy for the Pentagon if such a lowlife bum should obtain their secrets and put them out for all to download. I certainly hope that never happens. After all, the military must be allowed to do their business while remaining unaccountable, to be sure. Too bad you and I can't say or do anything without them recording us...

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  1. Their going to have to get past putin to get to snowden.